DJ Tira's Photo Spark A Robust Conversation

Tweeps have since insinuated that Makoya Bearings could be gay

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Social media is abuzz following a recent shared picture of Afrotainments's DJ Tira making rounds. Unknowingly, DJ Tira has landed himself in hot soup for the manner in how he is pictured sitting with another gentleman beside him.

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Scores of tweeps have since jumped on the bandwagon to either make fun of DJ Tira, insert unsavoury and distasteful comment and/ or blatantly have proceeded to insinuate that maybe Makoya Bearings is gay.

He has been labelled as a mother of two children, baddie and a number of comments have suggested and questioned the DJ's sexuality.

"Haibo uTira wahlala ngathi ngu Proud Mother of two? Zikhiphani " wrote Loenz Nkabi
More tweeps did not spare Makoya Bearings any mercy as they also went in for the jugular to discredit him. The way in which he is sitting with his legs across each other have been questioned and labelled as weird, amongst other things.

"....zikhiphani vele guys kahleni si busy sifunana no Tom/Thabo/Katlego, the whole country" wrote Nonhlanhla The Sewing Bee
"This looks kinda weird lolz" wrote Elkana Ngwenya
"angeke uthi uyndoda and also have tattoos to affirm ubdoda Nakhon then do this nonsense, yini le?!" wrote Umkhoqizi Womculo
"Maybe he plays 4 both teams" wrote Pablor Escobar
"Kaade wavela Lo ima nimbona manje??" wrote Xavier
Recently DJ Tira made headlines after reports were swirling around on social media that one their former artist was down and out. DJ Tira and Tipcee gave their fans some of the timeless hits and we thick as thieves. Howeever, they had since parted ways when Tipcee felt undervalued and unappreciated by her music stable, Afrotainment.

It was also reported that once the news about Tipcee being broke became public information, both DJ Tira and Tipcee made amends.  

ZAlebs previously reported that speaking to ZiMoja, Tipcee said she and DJ Tira are fine. She also made mention of Tira's sister saying they too are fine despite what people were saying. Apparently, Tira's sister and Tipcee were fighting over a man. 

Not looking to address this any further, Tipcee said they are all fine and get along.  

“Hay, ngikhathele! (I am tired) I am tired of this story and explaining myself. She and I are fine, Tira and I are also fine,” Tipcee told the blog.

Tira also said he would never abandon his artists and that Tipcee is trying to get back into the industry, “You know me, I never abandon my artists. Tipcee is trying to make a comeback. She and her are good. I don't know anything about a fight between her and my sister. I’m just dealing with the music.” 
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