Bonang Matheba Gets Her Flowers Over Banyana Banyana's Victory

She fought a good fight and she's praised for it

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Fighting tooth and nail for Banyana Banyana to be fairly paid after becoming victorious at the Women's Africa Cup On Nation finals. Media personality Bonang Matheba is getting her flowers for taking up to Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

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Bonang Matheba have shown her fans and followers to be very vocal for what she is passionate about. This comes after her online squabble with Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa in the last month or so. Minister Nathi Mthethwa has been finding himself at Bonang Matheba's bad side at every turn.

Taking to social media, tweeps have given Bonang Matheba props for taking up to Minister Nathi Mthethwa following Banyana Banyana's win and becoming Women's Africa Cup Of Nations title winners. As it stands Banyana Banyana players will each get an amount of R450 0000 from their 5.8 Million awarded by the department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

"Bonang actually influenced this. We should thank her for it. @Bonang
the wallet was opened by Minister Nathi Mthethwa and Banyana Banyana was compensated for their efforts. All because of you. God bless you Queen" wrote Lindt
"Thank you @Bonang the annoying one just paid R5.8million to the banyana team, I think it's too little though phezu kwakhe futhi moghal incane kabi kabi lemali, I mean lela flag lakhe elamalini konje???." wrote Dr S. Ncube
"I love it when some celebs can open up & tell the honest truth, bonang is tell fscts here we need more celebrities like her that will tell like it is not everything is about the money" wrote Lukhanyo Mbilini
Even media personality Pearl Thusi gave Minister Nathi Mthethwa piece of her mind, following Banyana Banyana win. Pearl Thusi did not waste any of her time as she retweeted Minister Nathi Mthethwa whilst urging him to pay the ladies what is due to them.

"Take the money for the flag and arrange a parade, pay them and invest in women’s football sir. Your tweets mean absolutely nothing to the people your ministry serves" wrote Pearl Thusi
It appears Minister Nathi Mthethwa did listen after all to all the anger and outrage leveled against him and his department. Now that Banyana Banyana will be paid adequately, compared to their male counterparts.

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