Bontle Modiselle's Blamed For Priddy Ugly Loss To Cassper Nyovest

Her twerking video has raised eyebrows

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Bontle Modiselle's twerking video has been blamed for Priddy Ugly's loss to the fight with Cassper Nyovest. The video which has raised enough eyebrows and has the Twitter streets abuzz.

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After the highly anticipated boxing match between Priddy Ugly and Cassper Nyovest, Bontle Modiselle has been trolled and dragged for the loss. Instead, Priddy Ugly took to social media to accept the loss and asked for his wife not to be blamed and trolled at his expense.

The controversial Chris Excel posted a video of Bontle Modiselle twerking half naked and blamed her twerking as the reason why Priddy Ugly lost to Cassper Nyovest.

"If this is the woman on top Priddy Ugly is getting.. I donโ€™t blame the G for losing on first round" wrote Chris Excel
Tweeps have jumped on the Chris Excel bandwagon to chime in on Bontle Modiselle's twerking video, while blaming it for Priddy Ugly's loss. Whether other tweeps are simple gobsmacked at Bontle Modiselle twerking skills, they have found a way to somehow correlate it to Priddy Ugly's loss to Cassper Nyovest.

"Priddy Ugly After 1st round at Home.." wrote Chris Excel
"Why do people post videos like these? Where are your manners? Where is your dignity? Where are your morals? Where is the full video?" wrote King Sjwimza
"Now we understand why he came short" wrote Shady Reign
"It was over before it even began" wrote TaLV Ciko
Bontle Modiselle has had her fair share of being trolled by social media following her boyfriend and baby father's loss to the boxing match. Tweeps did not show Priddy Ugly any mercy. The person who caught enough smoke from trolls was Modiselle and she continues to be blamed even though the fight happened two weeks ago.

"What about Bontleโ€™s sdima? Baby girl even made a grand entrance looking like sheโ€™s with Mike Tyson #CasspervsPriddyUgly" wrote Ndau
"imagine having a disagreement Bontle say โ€œ Ke tla bitsa Cassper  a go solveโ€™e in 2minutesโ€ to Priddy Ugly" wrote Crabow Bogosi
"#CasspervsPriddyUgly Priddy ungly: Babe i will protect you...
Bontle:" wrote Tlou Da Don
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