Brenda Fassie remembered in 10 tweets

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Brenda Fassie  | Top of The

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It's been said many times in the last week but we have no issue with saying it again. MaBrr, AKA Brenda Fassie, was South Africa's last superstar. We've never seen anyone like her, and we don't think we ever will. On Tuesday night, SABC 1 paid tribute to MaBrr in a special documentary that touched the souls of half of South Africa. 

There were special moments in SABC1's Brenda Fassie special; moments that took many fans down memory lane, including encounters with Lebo Mathosa, Brenda's most special performances and of course, the drama! As soon as the documentary aired, "Brenda Fassie" became a top trend on Twitter. We have decided to commemorate 10 years since MaBrr's passing away by compiling the top 10 tweets from the last 7 days that perfectly capture just how much we miss Brenda Fassie. 



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