Bucie on being a mother at 18

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Bucie Nkomo  | Top of The

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We all know Bucie as a talented vocalist who always brings it when she gets on stage. But the singer, who is famous for hit tracks like Superman and Easy to Love, also has a life outside the spotlight - being a mother.

She has a 10-year-old son who she loves and adores. Speaking on V Entertainment on what she's like as a parent, Bucie said: "I think I'm the weirdest mom, I embarrass my son all the time. He's always on some 'no, please don't do that'... As a mom, I love my baby, I love my son. He's alive. People have said some pretty mean things about me not talking about him a lot."

She described her son and her role as a mother as her comfort zone.

Bucie explained that she fell pregnant at 17 and gave birth to her child when she was 18 years old. "When I had my son, the one thing that I wanted was to make sure that he doesn't need a thing and the pain that I saw in my parents' eyes for having a child, I told myself that I would make them so proud that they will love him and never see him as a mistake." 

She continued: "When he was born my parents were the ones that took care of him. He's my everything... He's my life, I don't like talking about him... I love him, I love him so much and I would do anything to protect him..."

Wow, talk about the love of a mother hey? Bucie knows how to find a way to our hearts, both with her music and her mothering skills. 

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