Candy Tsamandebele releases new song with her boyfriend

Candy and partner bring us a new song to jam to.

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It's quite rare to see artists who are in a relationship not only work together but publicly open up about their relationship as well

One of those artists is Candy Tsamandebele who has announced that she will be releasing a new single with her Nigerian boyfriend - Nonny D

While working with Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition last year as the face of this magnificent music gathering in the Southern Africa region, Candy Tsamandebele made a decision to write songs that surpass the usual themes she normally tackles. 



The aha moment came while she was performing Mmalekutu which references a very old traditional custom that insists that cousins marry each other in order to retain the wealth within the family. This particular performance revealed a lot of unexplored melodies. Armed with this newfound realization, Candy approached a well-known music producer and filmmaker from Nigeria, Dr Frank to help her create the envisioned melody. They both worked very hard to produce a unique fulfilling melody infused with various African music elements.

To help deliver the message, she called Nonny D also from Nigeria. Subsequently, Siku ne Siku was born. Siku ne Siku paints a picture between two loving partners who were once together for a while until the day the male partner decided to move on with his new lover.

Candy has explained that having Nonny D on this track was a decision she's happy with and going public about their relationship was never a big deal.  The two met in Pretoria at Lavianto where Candy was set to perform.

“After I realised that Nonny was an artist who is truly gifted, with a voice that is so unique, I knew at some point it would be awesome working with him. It happens that the producer I was working with knew what he can do so he suggested that I go ahead and invite Nonny to put vocals on Siku Ne Siku. I don’t see the necessity of hiding him as he understands the business we are both in. For me going public is not really a big deal” – Candy

Siku ne Siku will be released on the 2nd of March nationwide.

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