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Cassper Nyovest has always been told by people to tone it down when it comes to the overly confident comments about himself. Cassper always hypes himself up and brags about his achievement, making everything about himself. But why is that such a bad thing?

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Even after he lost the match between Naak Musiq, Cassper never once spoke down about himself.

Heavy K paid Cassper a compliment saying he understands why he always hypes himself by saying things such as he is the greatest and so forth. It's because it makes people not undermine you or speak ill of you, because you know who you are.

"I kinda understand why Cassper Nyovest always hypes himself & always compliments himself all the time then it’s taken as if his bragging but I’ve noticed sometimes being quiet about your greatness or your achievements can make other people really disrespect you or undermine you."

Cassper agreed and said although people will undermine you whether you speak positively about yourself or not, the key is to never speak down on yourself.

"You know who the fuck you are. The world is gonna beat you up anyway, don't beat yourself up too. That's when you lose the battle."

Speaking of the fight in Sun City, Cassper Nyovest revealed how much money he made from the fight. Apparently Cassper made a million rands. He responded to a fan who asked if he would fight again and he said, "After the million I made last night? Yeah I do.”

But Nota does not seem to think so. In fact he thinks the only person who made real money, if any money at all was Slik Talk. He got paid R100 000 by Cassper Nyovest.

In one tweet he said, "If they made money from that fight they would’ve told us how much they made already…The only person that got paid to box is Slik Talk, I had to make sure of that!

"When you told everyone you’re going to make R100 million & you haven’t even made R1million a year later… Hopefully it’ll come in drips & drabs one day. For now you have to find a way to pay debt from gambling in Sun City. When it rains it pours!"

He also said Cassper should prove that he really bought the McLaren or he rented it, saying he should provide proof.
Cassper did say when he lost the match he would make his way to Podcast And Chill with MacG. Now that he lost people are asking him to go there, but he has always mized that conversation. 

“If I lose the fight with Naak I will go on MacG’s podcast. If I beat Naak, I’ll never go on that show,” Cassper once tweeted.

The Podcast team said they are worried about Cassper because his ego got bruised badly. 

“But I’m worried about Cassper guys, this is gonna take a while for him to accept this. You know he is very sensitive, he is emotional and he hates losing, I don’t think he is gonna come out of this bro,” he said. 

Sol wants Cassper to learn from this and accept that in life you do take L's and lose. "He could use it as a point of growth, or accept it...or a learning curve." 

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