Connie Ferguson: How you can work for Ferguson Films

Actress and Film producer, Connie Ferguson shares her knowledge 

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Connie Ferguson: How to act on Ferguson Films

Many of the great local content we see on Mzansi Magic is partially attributed to the great work of Ferguson Films, owned by business partners and couple Shona and Connie Ferguson.

Ferguson Films has also introduced us to a number of new actors such as the likes of Kamo Modisakeng who acts as "Bassie" on Rockville and many more. 

Here at ZAlebs we receive a lot of emails and messages from aspiring actors and actresses who would love to work on any of the Ferguson Films projects whether it be The Queen, Igazi or even Rockville.

Now because we also did not know how some of you aspiring actors could get on Ferguson Films, we decided to catch up with Connie Ferguson who shared a bit of knowledge on how you can work your way into potentially working as an actor at Ferguson Films.

Connie Ferguson: How to act on Ferguson Films

"People need to pester their agents because the bottom line is that we send out briefs to agents, we don't have one on one contact with actors. 

We do get a lot of actors sending through their C.V's and their profiles but it's difficult to try and contact and negotiate with an actor, directly and an actor that you've never worked with before so it's easier to just go via agents.

So again, we send out briefs and what we get from agents is what we work with. Actors really need to work closely with their agents and ask them, 'What's happening? I need work, What's happening with Ferguson Films? Are there any briefs coming in? 

So actors really need to be more pro-active when it comes to working with their agents." Said Connie.

To all aspiring actors, there you have it, work closely with your agents and who knows, you might find yourself getting that one important call from Connie and Shona Ferguson.

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