DJ Bongz on tying the knot and his new record label

DJ Bongz is officially off the market

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We have not heard much from DJ Bongz and it turns out that the reason behind that is that he recently got married to his wife Sphelele Nene.

In a recent interview on Afternoon Express, Bongz revealed that he paid Lobola two years back but recently had a private wedding with close family and friends. “I did Lobola two years back, but I decided to do the private wedding because I didn’t want too many people to come to my wedding” he said.

When asked about his achievements Bongz added that his wife is one of his achievements and that he is now a happy man. “I’ve won so many awards, I have a house, and cars and now I have a wife,  I’m a happy man”

And it definitely shows as his Instagram is filled with images of his wife.


All is going well for the DJ as he is set set to launch more merchandise in 2018 and he is also launching a new album and artists from his new label, “I own a record label, I’m the founder of Mabala noise, and now I started  Gwara Gwara entertainment and I’m releasing an album this year” he explained.

Congratulations Bongz!

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