Tweeps Accuses DJ Lulo Cafe Of Cheating On His Nude Video

They are saying the apology means he was up to no good

By  | Sep 22, 2022, 10:31 AM  | DJ Lulo Café  | Top of the

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Following his nude video making rounds on social media, DJ Lulo Cafe is accused of having been cheating. This comes after he broke his silence and issued an apology to his loved ones and the ones he feels he let down.

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After much speculations whether was it actually DJ Lulo Cafe, captured nude on the video. He has since come forward to break his silence by also apologizing to his loved ones.

Him coming forth, has cemented the speculations that it was indeed him on the video that captured him naked while taking a bath at what looks like a hotel. Some tweeps are certainly not jumping for joy at DJ Lulo Cafe's apologize as they feel as though he was caught up to no go meanwhile cheating on his partner.

"Lulo Cafe has absolutely nothing to apologize for unless he's apologizing to his partner for cheating. Even so, he was still violated" wrote Nampree
"Think about it? The only reason there's an apology is if he was cheating? Cuz why are you apologizing? The only person you could let down in this scenario is your partner? But still, revenge porn is wrong" wrote Mpilo Khumalo
Meanwhile, the patriarchy is uproar following Lulo Cafe's nude video. Taking to social media they have raised their concerns which has upset a number of people of Twitter, especially feminists.

"If you're a Man and you don't frown upon the so called "Lulo Cafe" video you need to do an introspection. That Man was stripped off his dignity,it's a kind of humiliation that can drive one to depression. That video is a total SHAME!! wrote Ronald Mahlatse Ledwaba
"Where do we draw the line? That Lulo Cafe video is violating every bit of privacy he is entitled to. There’s certain things that we should not entertain and keep quiet about - this is one of those things!" wrote Maccoah
However, the feminists have called out the patriarchy on being bias and hypocrites. They are asking why so much outraged around Lulo Cafe's nude video. Whereas women, like Mihlali and Lerato Kganyago have been stripped of their dignity on social media by the same gossip blogger Musa Khawula, who exposed Lulo Cafe.

"One thing you're right about is him or anybody not deserving what happened to him. It's a gross violation. However Lulo Cafe defrauded Nothende of her money, I wouldn't call such a person kind and unproblematic" wrote Nampree
"So many women were slut shamed and made fun of By Musa Khawula and many people were so okay with it & joined in, but now it's Lulo there's an uproar .so it takes a naked men to realize how toxic,psychotic and dangerous Musa is..this energy should have been there from the start" wrote Thulani Mathebula
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