DJ Zinhle To Spin The Decks At AFI

Who better than Africa's no.1 DJ?

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African Fashion International (AFI) is just around the corner and they promise attendees an explosive fashion show. What better way to enjoy stunning African fashion designs whilst watching your favourite African DJ perform her fire sets.

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This year's fashion show will be taken to greater heights as promised by the AFI on their website. The event will take hosted in Sandton, Johannesburg and fashion heads can buy the garments directly from the venue. 

Performing at the event is DJ Zinhle and she said she is super excited to be on the booth, "I am super excited to let you know that I will be at AFI to bring you the hottest tunes, because as you know music and fashion go very well together. So be there and be amazing."

DJ Zinhle has been giving off the best boss moves that some might have though being a DJ is not her main priority these days. Apart from the fact that she was pregnant and had to slow down, Zinhle has been promoting her businesses BLVD and Era By DJ Zinhle.

When she defended female DJ's from an internet troll, she got a huge round of applause from fans. The troll said, "Being a female DJ these days only requires looks and some sexy dance moves. Nobody cares about your mixing."

Zinhle clapped back and said, "So sad that you chose to reduce the growth of the female DJ industry to this… I definitely don’t agree with you. I’m actually loving how the girls are making it their own and dominating. Surely there’s something to celebrate here."

Responding was DBN Gogo who said maybe some DJ's do that but she is all about Deejaying.

This argument was made during the whole Lamiez Holworthy trolling session, as she got body shamed for wearing shorts. The DJ had people gunning for her but she did not back down.

She saw herself as an inspiration for other people who are might be going through some body crisis. "Always these fake accounts trying to project their own insecurities on others. Well Mo Nna ke stop station ge! I’m an African woman and will be damned by your fu**ed up standards!

"I have women of all shapes n sizes sizes who follow me for this very reason! I have little girls who look up to me because of how comfortable I am in my own skin! Daily I am subjected to the constant body shaming and bullying and told to be the bigger person. Well today Le ny*le ge."

Lamiez told trolls that she loves and accepts her body the way it is,  "My name is Lamiez Holworthy and this is ME in my purest form. I’ll be damned if I edit my pictures to appear tinier or to hide my cellulite or stretch mark or two.

"You know why? I am tired of women (young and old) putting themselves under unnecessary pressure because of social media and it’s fucked up standards! Imagine trying to look like someone who doesn’t even look like themselves?!" she said.

"I am a public figure with millions of followers- most of who are woman of all ages and it is my responsibility to show them that it is OKAY TO BE NORMAL and that NO ONE can use your flaws against you when you make peace with them.

"Ps. I work out and eat right solemnly for my own well-being- not because I am trying to fit in to a box or have anyone police me!
THIS IS ME- DEAL WITH IT!!!hat she would not allow it, because it mostly came from women. "

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