"My Eggs Are Probably Suffering"

Zinhle is done with having more babies

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DJ Zinhle is a mother of two beautiful children who she says are her last. Kairo Forbes and Asante Mohosana are daughters to the successful DJ but she says no more.

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Do not expect to hear any more "bun in the oven" news when it comes to DJ Zinhle because she has thrown in the towel. Africa's number 1 DJ says although she wishes to welcome another one home, she does not think her body would allow her to.

The gorgeous mama says she might looks as young as 24, but her eggs would beg to differ.

To be fair though, when Zinhle announced her pregnancy, she did make it known that Asante would be her last kid.

Zinhle is taking up a new skills which could possibly lead to a new career path. As they say, the pie is big enough for everyone to eat so Zinhle wants to make sure of that.

She said she has taken interest in photography and would love to take photography as a new skill. She said although she loves it, she would only take pics of her man and her children.
Zinhle had previously pleaded with trolls to not involve her kids in their bullying episodes.

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A man once came for Zinhle when she revealed she is pregnant. He said Zinhle is not a good role model but that did not phase Zinhle.

"Artists use some part of their lives to promote things, you know a lot of people were congratulating her, and were celebrating her, but I took a step back and I told myself nah I'm not gonna congratulate her, but I will celebrate the baby when it comes," he said. "First baby with AKA unmarried, second baby (unmarried)," he added.

"Why have a baby when you are not ready to get married, get married before you have a baby," he said, adding that it is not a biblical thing but cultural as Africans.

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