"Leave Our Children Out Of It" Zinhle Fires Back

Is she being unreasonable?

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 10:03 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

Image of Dj Zinhle
We imagine being a celebrity can be tough, especially since most aspects of their lives are out in the world for everybody to see and scrutinize. Now DJ Zinhle has had enough, and has snapped at those who talk about celebrities’ children and families. 
The musician recently took to Twitter to complain about how intrusive fans and the media can be into celebrities' lives. She said that even though people may feel the need to 'nyisa' celebrities, children and families should be off limits. 
For the most part, her fans agree with her. The celebrities chose public life, so they know that it sometimes comes with a lot of hate. They are old enough to have assessed the risks and figured they could handle being public figures, along with all the nasty stuff it entails. 

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The children, on the other hand, did not get that choice. They just happened to be born to famous parents, so they were thrust into the spotlight even before they were born. Additionally, they are too young to have developed the thick skin that allows adult celebrities to handle the hate, and are more likely to be adversely affected by it. The same goes for the celebs’ families, especially when a celebrity marries someone who wasn’t already famous. 

But some fans think she is asking for too much. They think that celebrities are the ones who keep posting about their children and families, thus exposing them to the public. It should therefore make them fair game for comments from fans, as if they wanted a private life, they would have just stayed private. 

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Some celebrities have managed to keep their family lives private, by simply not sharing much online. We imagine it’s not easy when fans are always trying to snap pictures of them for “tea”, but if others have done it, surely it’s possible. The argument here is that celebs don’t get to pick and choose what comes with exposing their families, which they should know by now. 

Others have simply implied she is a hypocrite, because her best friend Pearl Thusi often drags people's mothers into it when she goes at them.
But we have to realise that this is not a TV show or a movie; it is their real lives. Surely, is Zinhle asking for too much when she requests that her children, who have been forced to live in the spotlight because they have famous parents, be left to enjoy their childhood without being dragged into adult drama? 
Zinhle has been told to tell that to Nota Baloyi, who recently made some damaging remarks about Cassper Nyovest and his family, to the point that everyone thought he was going too far. But Zinhle knows how to stay away from trouble, so she promised to stay well away from the music mogul. 
Other ZAlebs agree with Zinhle, including comedian Lasizwe Dambuza, and we must say that we do too.

But we also see how hard it would be for DJ Zinhle to control what is out there about her family, especially when her daughter Kairo is already a recognised influencer and brand ambassador with 1M followers on Instagram. 

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