'Omunye' gets love on Ellen Degeneres' Insta page

Black Panther seems to be the gift that keeps on giving and this time the Distruction Boyz are the ones receiving.

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May the reign of the Black Panther be forever. No, seriously. If it's going to consistently be putting our local talent on then, hhay' shem. It can stay. 

As if it wasn't enough that our local actors and actresses were put in the movie, they went and made the official language of Wakanda Xhosa (by firm suggestion of Dr. John Kani). As if that wasn't enough, Kendrick hit up Babes, Sjava, Saudi and Yugen Blakrok to bless the Black Panther soundtrack. BUT NO, that wasn't enough they added Babes Wodumo's Wololo and Bhizer's Gobis'iqolo into the actual MOVIE. Just when we thought it was done another thing comes up. 

A video, posted by dancer Kendra K.O. Oyesanya, showing dancers getting down to Distruction Boyz' 'Omunye' captioned 'Walking out Black panther movie like' went viral on social media. So viral in fact, that it caught the eye of renowed American talkshow host Ellen Degeneres. Of course, when you see something so beautiful what do you do? Repost. 

To date, the clip has been watched 2 705 555 times on her actual page and of course, the Distruction Boyz were tagged. How's that for a huge up after some downs (ahem, remember this). We hope the boys are lapping it all up before their Gqom In Concert gig. 

Main image credit: instagram.com/distruction_boyz

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