Emtee and his girlfriend are expecting their second baby

The 25-years-old is expending his family 

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It's been just a month since Emtee had a social media slip and even though the mistake affected his family, they have a lot to celebrate as the rapper and his long time girlfriend, Nicole are expecting an addition to their family.

In a recent interview with Drum Magazine, the rapper revealed how his accidental nude video affected him and his family.

"It was harder for them than it was for me, I'm the one who should have tornadoes and tomatoes thrown at me - not my family" the rapper revealed that his father lost his job at the bank after the video made headlines.

My babies 😍

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The rapper and his family have a lot to celebrate as Emtee's career keeps growing, he is also going to be a father of two as he and his long time girlfriend are expecting their second son who'll be born on the 20th of January.

"I'm able to celebrate and embrace it, I don't have to worry about where the nappies are going to come from...I was ready this time, it didn't really matter what everyone else said," Emtee said

The couple has a two year old boy and are excited that he'll now have a brother to play with.

"Avery doesn't have any friends and now he'll have a brother to play with, to learn some leadership skills," he said.

emtees son avery logan
emtees son avery logan

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