Emtee Releases Much Anticipated Documentary

Emtee like you have never seen him before

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Forget all you heard about rapper Emtee, he is telling his story his way and this short documentary will blow your mind. The Manado hitmaker has released a 9-minute documentary where he tells his life story and how his career came about.

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Emtee gave his fans a treat with his new documentary called 'The Real Story About Emtee' and starts it off by telling his story about how he grew up in Johannesburg. When he was in the city he met TV presenter and rapper  Maraza who was the first established star he knew.

“I met Maraza, he was the first established artist I bumped into and made sure I make that moment count. So when I met him I gave him my music and told him to listen. I bumped into him in Yeoville and he said let’s go to my house now and listen to some beats and see if we can do something.

“So we did that and months went on, we started making a lot of music together. Then years went by, he was like a mentor. At every show I was with him and we formed a group and called it Forefront,” explained Emtee and then the rest was history.

Fans knew the real Emtee when he first started off on Ambitiouz Entertainment. That's when the hits started rolling in and the star was formed. But their relationship ended very badly. The two parties went into war with each other and are still not in good terms.

Ambitiouz and Emtee have been at war for years during his stay and after his departure. His very first album won him awards and accolades but he cannot show them off because he alleges that Ambitiouz stole all of them.

The worst part is that Emtee also got cars and an apartment but those weren't under his name. He said he found that information out after his car accident in the year 2019.

Emtee said he recognised their reaction to the accident and how they were not worried about him and his safety, but were only concerned about the car.

“A lot of people didn't really care if I was damaged. They were worried about the car and if it was written off and I’m asking myself, why are people so much worried about this vehicle and my answer came about when I found out it’s not mine,” he revealed.

Emtee then shared a clip where he speaks about his car accidents and revealed he almost lost his life in four car accidents. He expressed disappointment at how they did not care if he was alive or dead, but their main concerns were the cars. "2 days in the hospital and motherf***s re stressing about the car."

In previous tweets, Emtee explained how he lost his awards, He gave an example of the time he won his very first award at the SA Hip Hop Awards and he said, “I remember my first win was at the South African Hip Hop Awards. I was very happy and everyone was congratulating me while I had the award in my hand. The boss man then comes up behind and says, ‘Give me what’s mine’. When I checked, the award had my name on it.”

But Emtee is not down and out like many anticipated as his fans have always stuck with him till the end. They stuck with the rapper till he started his label called Logan Records.

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