Emtee Survives 5th Car Crash

He says he is not dying anytime soon

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Rapper Emtee is breathing a huge sigh of relief and counting his blessings as he survives his 5th car accident. The rapper made this revelation on his social media today and promised his fans that he is not dying anytime soon.

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According to the rapper he was involved in a car accident last night, the 27th of January and he thankfully survived it. If his tweet is anything to go by, this was the rapper's fifth car accident. “Had a car accident last night. 5th one simultaneously. I’m not dying anytime soon bitch ass nigga. Man a shatta.”

Thankfully, he lives to see yet another day so he can bless fans with new music he prepares to release tomorrow titled 'iThemba' which means hope.

Of course the rapper's haters focused on the sentence structure than actually wishing the man a speedy recovery. He used the word 'simultaneously' which could mean the accident happened at the same time as the last one.

In one of the accidents, Emtee had to spend some time in hospital after he reportedly crashed two of his expensive luxury cars - a Mercedes-Benz GLE 4x4 and an AMG - in less than two weeks.

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Another rapper to have been involved in an accident last month was Focalistic. When he revealed such, he said they had to wait for about 2 hours before the Police got to the accident scene. Their reasoning is that there were no police vehicles present. After receiving help, they got to perform at the event they had planned on performing at but found about 5 police vans shooting at people. Bizarre!

"We got into an accident. Called cops and waited for 2 hours. Apparently there were no vehicles...We get to a performance and find 5 POLICE VANS shooting people with rubber bullets ... Something is wrong."

Another starlet to survive a horrific car accident was fitness bunny Sbahle Mpisane. She got into a life threatening car accident on 11 August 2018 and has documented her journey to recovery for the masses to see.

She also took some time to get behind the wheel again but thanks to her personal trainer, she got over that fear. “I started driving a year later after my car accident, that car was written off and the sadness of that was all I dealt with including my long recovery. Everyone was against me driving which is understandable but I love cars and I didn’t post about it because I feared that I would be judged.

"My car accident didn’t install fear in me I am happy to still be alive to experience the ups and downs of life and to happily drive myself without fear," she responded.

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