Sbahle Mpisane Details How She Overcame Her Fear Of Driving

She trusted herself behind the wheel a year later

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If inspiration was a person it would be Sbahle Mpisane. The fitness bunny, turned actress has always displayed a positive mindset and attitude when it came to achieving her goals. In the past two years, the good sis has documented her weight loss journey as well as her fitness journey.

Since her horrific car accident on 11 August 2018, she has always been driven around by drivers. Now, she has gained the confidence and overcame her fear of being behind the wheel.

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Taking to Instagram, Sbahle shared how she is now fully confident to be behind the wheel, but she has to be accompanied by her trainer. The IG post was inspired by a question posed by a fan ,who asked her if she isn't afraid of driving a car again following her accident in 2018.

She said although people around her were concerned and against her being behind the wheel, but because she loves cars she could not resist. Sbahle revealed that she actually started driving a year after the accident but was careful to not post about it on social media because she was afraid of being judged by people.

“I started driving a year later after my car accident, that car was written off and the sadness of that was all I dealt with including my long recovery. Everyone was against me driving which is understandable but I love cars and I didn’t post about it because I feared that I would be judged.

"My car accident didn’t install fear in me I am happy to still be alive to experience the ups and downs of life and to happily drive myself without fear," she responded.

In a separate post, The Imbewu: The Seed soon-to-be actress said even though she had the fear of being behind the wheel, she soon developed another fear of being driven around by someone else. That motivated her to get over her fear of driving despite people's worries.

"I spent the year sitting in the passengers sit so I can have a full view of all my drivers & to see how they operated. For the longest time until early 2020, my only fear was being driven by another driver but I’ve completely overcame that awkward fear of my safety. To overcome that trauma in 2018 I decided to take the risk of driving myself whilst I was still wheel-chaired with my fixation metals on my right foot."

Sbahle has her personal trainer to thank for the confidence she regained. She also took the brave decision of driving past her crash site so that she can regain her memory of the accident and to deal with her emotions.

"My trainer accompanied me for my first drive and his trust boosted my driving confidence. We safely drove around Umhlanga & straight into Gateway Mall. Later in that month I drove into my crash site (several times) to regain the memory of my accident and to deal with my emotions. I remain grateful for my survival and your prayers."

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