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ZAlebs spoke to local celebrity, actress and wife of DJ Black Coffee, Mbali Mlotshwa. Despite what's been a turbulent year for her in the tabloids, Ms Mlotshwa continues to focus only on the things that matter the most; most notably, her dazzling career in the limelight. We speak with Mbali about her presenting gig on ANN7 and other opportunities that have come her way in the last 12 months.

We recently heard that you have been named the new Dawn Ambassador. How did you feel when you received such great news?

It’s amazing, I mean, Dawn has been around for forever. I remember my great grandmother was using Dawn products! So, for me it was a coming together. It's a part of my history that I'm proud to be apart of.

You're also a presenter on ANN7; how did the opportunity come about? 

Well I got a call from the ANN7 crew because they needed a celebrity on the channel. So I initially asked about the fact that ANN7 is a news channel, but they explained to me that on weekends it's a dedicated entertainment channel.  After hearing that, I was very excited because I like the idea of being a part of something small, but ultimately something that has potential to grow. I was then offered a contract and that's how I made it to ANN7.

I present a show known as StarBiz on the channel. StarBiz is an entertainment show that shows you everything that has to do with celebrity life and details the hard work that our local celebs put in to stay relevant in the scene.

 Tell us more about the recent competition you're currently running on the show? 

It’s an amazing competition I’m excited and I wish I could enter myself. Basically, Nicci Boutiques has been around for a while and one day I decided, "Why don’t I give girls an opportunity to win something from Nicci Boutiques?" All the girls have to do is take a selfie of themselves watching the show and they could win a R5000 voucher to spend at a Nicci Boutique store. Unfortunately for you, only the ladies can enter- but there will be a competition for the gents too! 

Obviously we're not going to go deep into your personal life, that's not what this interview is about; but as a star/celebrity, how do you keep the tabloids out of your head when they're just talking about your life constantly?

Well I just don’t talk about it. I keep quiet and keep it to myself.

What do you think of the tabloid culture in SA and the way they treat local celebs. Is it fair game or do you feel like there needs to be a change in local journalism?

 All I can say is that the celebrity bashing culture we have in South Africa is appalling. You will never find artist from Nigeria being treated the way South African artists/celebrities are berated. When someone does something amazing, they will talk about it, keep quiet and wait for something to go wrong. So it’s so unfortunate but that’s the culture we have, I mean the media are the only people that can make and break people’s career.

Are there any acting projects you're working on currently? 

Yes there is a movie I am currently shooting and obviously Rockville is coming back pretty soon.

Who's your best friend in the entertainment industry?

Chomee, Moneoa and Miss Cosmo.

Finally, spring is here! Do you have any plans for the new season?

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