Inside Queen Twerk's LA vacay - chilling with A$AP Rocky and French Montana

There are levels to being a bad-bad and Queen Twerk seems to have unlocked a new level! 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Faith "Queen Twerk" Nketsi  | Top of The

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Faith Nketsi Queen Twerk

We've never really paid much attention to the girl but she certainly has it now that she is hanging out with the likes of French Montana and A$AP Rocky (who happen to be quite popular in international rap and fashion circles). 

Faith 'Queen Twerk' Nketsi is currently on what she is referring to as a vacation with some friends so its safe to assume that she's not in LA to work. 

Judging from her snapchat videos which are filled with walks through MAC, strolls through the gigantic house she and her friends are staying in as well as champagne-fueled limo rides through LA, this is one hell of a vacay. 

Check it out.

Morning from over here💋

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African girls boo

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"Happy Birthday Frenchy" hmmm ! #QueenTwerk is LIVINNGGG! #ZAlebsNews

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Her vacation, namely the fact that she's chilling with such big names actually has the Twitter streets shook. 

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