Uzalo's Gugu Gumede encourages people to study acting

She's encouraging people to be serious about this craft if they want to be successful in it.

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Gugu Gumede has garnered a great following for her role as Mamlambo on Uzalo.

And with a large number of young people aspiring to be actors in the country, Gugu has cautioned the youth to take the craft of acting very seriously.

"Study the craft, just take some time to study. If you don't have the funds to actually go to University or an institution, it's fine just go to a few classes, buy books, read, STUDY. There are libraries, you don't need to pay to go to a library and if you can go on to the internet and read the different techniques because that is how you learn to portray different roles."


Gugu then went on to explain that she is able to portray many different roles because she does a whole lot of research and training when it comes to her characters.

"I did so much research on my character (Mam'lambo) and I gave her a persona and uwu'Mamkhulu wami. uMam'lambo uMam'khulu wami, uNelly (Mamlambo is my aunt Nelly) and she knows, I study my aunt, she even avoids me at family gatherings because I'm constantly staring and studying her."


Gugu ended off by saying that people should respect the craft of acting because acting is a very spiritual thing.

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