Heartbreak and tears on Big Brother Mzansi

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What an emotional eviction night it was yesterday as Lexi and Poolie names were crossed out from the rest of those still in the Big Brother house.  Although it was expected that two housemates would be evicted, nothing could have prepared viewers and housemates and as the reality dawned on Loko and Lexi  that they wouldn’t spend their last weeks with their playmates, it became impossible to hold back the tears for the two housemates.

During the day it was almost as if Poolie knew he was going to leave as he and Loko playfully tickled and wrestled each other on their bed, stealing kisses at every opportunity.  Big Brother “Super couple” Mandla and Lexi shared their last Sunday lunch together laughing and joking like any other normal day.  Little did they know that Mandla would be sleeping in his bed alone later on.

The moment finally arrived as millions of viewers from around the country watched on, anxious to see who would be leaving the Big Brother House next. When Poolie’s name came out of Lungile’s mouth, we not only saw the disappointment in Poolie’s face but we could hear team Poloko hearts’ shatter into a million pieces. Hearts wrenched as Poolie tried to quickly ran back into the house to say his last goodbyes too his boo-boo Loko. Unfortunately the house was locked and we had to watch Loko hysterically cried for her hubby.  

The Big Brother audience could be heard echoing the sadness of the housemates when these final moments between Poolie and Loko took place.  Don’t tell anyone this, but we also felt a bit of a lump in our throats when Poolie left.  

As if we hadn't been on enough of an emotional roller coaster, the surprise of all surprises was still to occur. Lexi was evicted. We witnessed the end of Mandlexi.  Mandla was undoubtedly distraught, heading straight to his bedroom whilst he stared in sadness at Lexi's still messed-up bed.  Big Brother obviously added salt to the wounds by playing Ringo Mandlingozi's single "Mthulise angakhali" (stop him from crying) This only served to add more grief to Mandla's broken heart. We couldn't help but see the funny side though

Look out for our interview with Poolie and Lexi coming soon.

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