Itu Bokaba's Parenting Skills Questioned After Twerking In Public

She believes mothers should have some fun too

By  | Aug 13, 2020, 09:06 AM  | Itumeleng Bokaba  | Top of The

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Actress Itumeleng Bokaba is a mother and like many other women, her behavior is scrutinized.

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She has taken to Instagram to share her recent experience with facing people's judgments because of the way she behaves in public. Urging people to do better when it comes to dictating how women should live. 

"So I was slut shamed for twerking on set today , even though it was part of a scene we were shooting, but anyway. Someone said, " wow look at the mother's of today" like really!" she said said lividly.

Not mentioning any names, Itu showed her disappointment at how people scrutinize mothers and judge them for the way they express their sexuality.

"So now that I'm a mother I should stop enjoying and expressing my sexuality. Get a life," she wrote.

Her fans came to her rescue and told her to not pay any attention to the negativity.
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