Are Sbahle and Itumeleng Khune back together?

Hmmm....these two are definitely up to something

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When Itumeleng attended Sbahle's Umemulo in August, quite a few people were surprised that the two were even on speaking terms after it was rumoured that the two parted ways in not-so-good terms

Fast forward to October and it may seem like Khune's invitation to Sbahle's umemulo may have been deeper than we thought.

Recent social media posts by Sbahle have made our suspicions about the two dating again even greater.

Just this weekend the fitness fanatic was all smitten over her mystery man whose face she did not want to show on social media. And that's absolutely fine, relationships are meant to be private.....


...anyway here are a couple of images that have us believing that these two are undoubtedly back together again.

Firstly there's this Fabiani jersey, quite a cool jersey, right?


So cool that Sbahle had to jack it from Itumeleng, after-all it was quite a chilly weekend.


So ok, your argument might be that they coincidentally purchased the same jersey, granted that does happen quite a lot.

But they surely could not have purchased the same outdoor furniture now could they?


Oh would you look at that, the same chairs are at Itu's house as well! Oh and don't forget to look at the curtains behind Sbahle and the curtains below on Itu's picture.


These two are way too adorable.

too cute

Oh and shout out to Sihle Coordinator, you're the real MVP.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Sbahle_Mpisane

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