Jamie Bartlett's Ex Wife Breaks Her Silence

"You shook my world"

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The late seasoned actor Jamie Bartlett's ex-wife Camilla Waldman, has finally broken her silence following his untimely passing.

This comes after the former Rhythm City actor was laid to rest last Thursday in an intimate funeral ceremony attended by close friends and family members.

The ex-couple divorced in 2008 and they shared a handsome son together, Hector. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Camila shared an old black and white portrait of them with their son, and paid tribute to him.

She reflected back on their love story and thanked her brother for amazing the portrait that has created beautiful memories for them. "This is the only family portrait of the three that made our us - recently re-discovered. Thank-you to my brother Sacha Waldman for making it. I am thankful now for this gallery wall to place it," she wrote.

In addition, the actress recalled how she met Jamie: "I met you in 1992 Jamie, I knew your picture before your presence. We were young together, there was a lot we didn't yet know. And you shook my world. You called me out, you taught me, you gave me Hector, I tattooed your name and wanted to love you forever. We carry your imprint Jamie - Hector and I - and we remember you. And we are not alone, you meant a lot, to many. You are remembered. You are loved Jamie Be at peace friend,” she ended.
Jamie passed away in his sleep on Monday 23 May 2022 . Speaking to Jacaranda FM, his partner Rosa Onious revealed that he had taken a nap in the afternoon but didn't wake up by 17:00pm when she attempted to rouse him.

"I tried to wake him up. He was lying there on the couch. I was like 'Jamie, Jamie wake up' and he was not responding, and I started shaking and smacking him in the face saying 'you need to wake up'.

It appeared Jamie had already died when the ambulance arrived. "My mom tried to do CPR on him as well and we called an ambulance, paramedics tried to resuscitate him but he was already gone."

According to News 24, Onious paid an emotional tribute to him at his memorial service. She said part of the house still has his scent and it’s difficult. "I'm angry, I'm sad, but I'm trying to understand that there's a purpose for him wherever he is. A part of the house still smells like him, and it's difficult, it really is," she said.

She reflected back on the day Jamie died on, she said he told her how much he loved her. "I remember on the morning that Jamie passed, he told me how much he loves me and that he never sees his life without me in it, and I feel the exact same," she said.

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