Uyajola 9.9's Jub Jub Under Attack

Viewers ae calling him out on his hypocrisy

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Uyajola 9.9 presenter Jub Jub is yet under attack as viewers have taken to social media to call him out on being arrogant. Viewers have since took him down memory lane to remind him of his past crimes as proof that he is not clean as a whistle as they.

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This is definitely not the first time and certainly not the last as Jub Jub finds himself under the wrath of viewers on Twitter. Yesterday's episode may have angered a number of people as social media is currently abuzz while viewers are calling Jub Jub out on being arrogant and disrespctful.

Taking to Twitter, viewers have since reminded Jub Jub of his past crimes to remind him that he is nothing close to holier than thou. Viewers have had just about enough of what they have called 'arrogance and disrespectf' that Jub Jub portrays on the show.

"Dear Jub Jub Stop disrespecting people. In 2010 Jub Jub killed four children, and another two survived with brain damage. We forgive him now he is telling us this poor guy who cheated in 2013 and must not be forgiven" wrote Online Scoop
"Jub Jub is actually a rude human being" wrote Michelle Moropa
"Jub Jub should stop bullying men he finds to be a weakest link. He’s disrespecting this man because he found him to be a weakest link" wrote Man's Not Barry Roux
What has stood out to be the common denominator to what everybody is saying, is the disrespect Jub Jub depicts on the show. Viewers are not appreciative of the way he speak with his guests, let alone intervene when he is suppose to mediate between the couples.

"Arg, f**k Jub Jub. This guy is here trying to act like activist for women's rights after being canceled for misogyny on Mac G's show. What the hell was that?!?! That woman's behavior is not excusable because of what the husband did in the past. Come on, man!" wrote Koketso Jiyane
Meanwhile some viewers believe that Jub Jub also disrespect them as viewers, with his swearing and cursing majority of the time. Although the show is age restricted, however the vulgar language Jub Jub expresses has angered the viewers.

"I feel like Jub Jub isn't respecting us as don't go around swearing at your clients like that on a show...#Uyajola99 @MojaLoveTv should release a statement about this last episode" wrote Monna Masotho

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