Getting to know Kefilwe Mabote

Known for her expensive taste and wardrobe, the fashion pioneer’s style is to die for!

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Kefilwe Mabote

We caught up with this businesswoman and style influencer to find out a bit more about the woman you probably love following on Instagram.

We can’t speak fashion without mentioning Kefilwe Mabote, where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from everyday life, looking at people and following fashion bloggers 

Street walking 😎..... . . Bag @prada Pants @topshopsouthafrica Dior sunglasses @theeyemakers Shoes @Louboutinworld

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What’s the one piece of clothing every woman’s closet should have,  that that one item that will save them on days when they feel uninspired?

The Perfect Blazer! 

Even if you don't work in a prim and proper office, every woman should have at least one blazer that is a flattering to her silhouette. If it doesn't fit right off the bat, this is where your trusted tailor comes in. Shoulders and the sleeves that aren't too big and long are key.

You spend most of your time traveling, how do you balance between work and your personal life?

I embrace hyper- efficiency to balance work and my personal life. When at work, I focus on the task at hand, leaving texts and social media aside, giving those around me my full attention, and producing the best possible work I can.  Then, when I'm done working I ensure I have scheduled the key activities that make me feel balanced into my calendar. That way, those things don't slip.

Not everyone is a gym bunny and we know there are other effective ways to keep fit. You seem to love dancing and you’re pretty good at it. Do you find dancing as an effective way to stay fit?

Wow, thank you never knew I was a good dancer. Yes, I find dancing as an effective way to stay fit unlike many exercise classes which work on specific parts of the body, I also find dancing an excellent way to achieve all-round fitness because it strengthens, tones improves posture and flexibility - and is a great cardiovascular workout into the bargain. Better still, dancing is an excellent way to lose weight, because you can burn up to 500 calories in one class.

Do you post a lot of artistic pieces on Instagram? Would you consider yourself an artistic person? Or to rephrase, would you say you have an artistic eye?

I love art. I did art at The National School of the Arts, and at one point I was inspired to have my own art gallery. That never happened as I thought it would be, so I see my Instagram handle as my painting canvas.  

What is the biggest lesson that your career as an influencer/ content creator taught you?

Being an influencer has taught me to run my social media like a business.  It's like any other business that sells goods or services. 

We came, we saw, we styled, thank you for having me @topshopsouthafrica #topshopstyle #topshopxkefilwemabote

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