Kefilwe Mabote's luxury lifestyle

She has one fabulous life and we can't help but watch in awe.

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From Prada bags to luxurious trips whilst sipping champagne on a yacht. Kefilwe Mabote has lived.

There is no doubt that Kefilwe Mabote (KefiBoo) owns the luxury-blogger space. The socialite takes fabulous pictures that can whisk you off to another world of luxury and glamor by simply scrolling through her Instagram feed.ย 

But how did Kefilwe amass so much wealth in such a short space? Is everything she has borrowed? Is every trip sponsored by big brands? We doubt it. Kefilwe is a business woman in the digital space and has a network that quite impressive.

We decided to tally up the bill to see just how much Ms Mabote spends on a recent night out.

Prada Bag:ย R34 490,00

La Manche Dress: R3400ย 

YSL Shoes:ย R4 545,00

We out at #ChivasRegalUltis launch #WinTheRightWay

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Meeting Don Cheadle: priceless

Kefilwe is making her money and she sure knows how to spend it. These are just aย few times she made us crave for her lifestyle.

That time she took a walk in Paris..

...and looked all kinds of gorgeous in this outfit, looking like she was ready for a day out on a yacht.

Or when she looked like secret agent, ready to save the day.

And of course when you work and play hard like Kefilwe a day at a spa is undoubtedly well deserved.

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