Khanyi Explains Viral 'The Wife' Sex Scene

"There was no penetration"

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Khanyi Mbau
It’s almost a week now since Khanyi Mbau and co star Mondli Makhoba shook the country with their very explicit sex scene on Showmax telenovela, The Wife
But fans still have questions, especially logistically since they cannot wrap their heads around the idea that the two of them only pretend to be intimate, but didn’t actually do it. This is especially since they were both nude in the scene, so everybody wants to know “where was everything?”, if you catch my drift. 

The two of them recently went on a Twitter space hosted by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, to answer fans’ burning questions. 
One fan was rather direct, and wanted to know exactly what they mean when they say their “parts” were strapped. Khanyi had a direct answer to that. 

I wore the thinnest T strap underwear you can ever imagine. Camera work allows the illusion for you to think there’s nothing there when there’s everything there. For example, in the scene where he went down on me, there was literally a big camera in the sheets with us,” she explained. 

Even in the scene where you see Nkosana under the sheet talking to me, you thought I was there. I wasn’t there. I was not even in the room when they shot him lying in bed as if they were both there,” she continued. 

Mondli was a bit more cagey with his answer, simply saying that acting is a craft, and the fact that so many people across the country believe that the intercourse actually happened, only means that they both did a magnificent job. 

The fan was not satisfied with the answer, though, and felt like they went round and round but did not give the direct answer they wanted. To that, Khanyi said they could not betray all the secrets of the craft. 

Just like Macdonald’s cannot tell you what is in their patty, we cannot tell you everything. The secret is in the sauce.”

Another one wanted to know what the process was for both of them with regards to their significant others. Khanyi explained that when they both got the scripts for that scene, they had to go home and discuss it with their partners. 

She said it was a lot tougher for her since her man, Kudzai Mushonga, is not in the industry. He had a lot of questions, including “Are you sure it does not go in?” So she had to be patient and to explain all the guidelines that they work with, all the regulations. She also had to emphasise that the scene is between Nkosana and Zandile, not between Mondli and Khanyi. 
There, you have it.  Apparently it was all just acting, whether you believe it or not. You could listen to the space still, as it was rather enlightening.

Listen below.

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