[PICS] Khanyi Mbau Flaunts Her New White Hands

Finally, she bleached the dark spots on her hands

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Queen of bling Khanyi Mbau has finally found a solution to her dark hands.

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Khanyi said she had been struggling to fix her hands, but Bossladybeautygallery was able to fix them. She posted a picture showing a before and after look of her hands after bleaching them.

In a post she posted a picture showing the transformation of her hands. "I gave @bossladyskinpage2 the challenge of fixing my hands , many have struggled and failed!!!I met with her last week Sunday and today my hands are fixed!! Haven’t seen my hands look like this in a year !!! Only 6 days!! NO FILTER!! NO EDITS!!! MY HAMDS ARE BACK!!! Still a little swollen from the peel , that should subside in a week or two,"

Fans commended her for being real and comfortable with her hands despite the constant trolling that she's subjected to.

"It's rare to see someone like you to be this comfortable with who she is. Im your biggest fan."

"We all have flaws guys. . . Those parts of our bodies we ain't proud of. . Celebrity are people."

"People be judging everything..we can't have every inch of our body all perfect and beautiful..not everyone has barbie doll hands and feet , or body for that matter..no need to be trolling, simply focus on your own imperfections."

"Yazin! I like the fact that you're comfortable with your hands. UBosso nyani, abanye ngeke basiveze benqena these kinda comments from other imperfect humans."

"This is amazing!! In just 6 days? 😮 my hands and feet are naturally darker than my body. Always been one of my insecurities. I surely need to try this and see for myself."

'This comment section is sickening. These are someone’s hands and there many others who have wrinkled hands, they are reading all your nasty comments and some will be more insecure about them after reading them. Like we’re perfectly made and as much as we want to accept our beauty, society needs to climb on board and stop saying mean things about people’s body parts."

Khanyi started her skin lightening journey a couple of years ago and she is proud of it. Khanyi recently opened up about her journey in skin lightening. She revealed how it started and how the process has been so far. 

“It started out as a quick solution to sunburns when I used to drive my Peugeot 206 cc I played Doobsie then I was out of continuity coz I was very dark from the sun, bought a cheap bleaching cream it did wonders so I enjoyed my ride and didn’t p_ss off production. 

A few months into this new hack, I liked my lighter look it made me feel rich and I was getting all the compliments on my glow-up! Ego booster. I then fell in love with the girl in the mirror and chose this packaging for brand Khanyi like Beyonce chose her big fan in stage. 

To sun it up the journey has been cool but with great difficulty that none of you should have to face coz nobody wants to address this issue and this is an age-long game.”

Screenshot : Khanyi Mbau Instagram Stories
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