Lvovo surprises the timeline with his wisdom

He doesn't appreciate the assumptions about his level of intelligence

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Lvovo surprises the timeline with his wisdom

South African Kwaito artist, Lvovo Derrango shocked the timeline with some illuminating insight on women who do not seek financial support from men. 

The conversation was sparked by a Twitter user who asked where women who aren't financially dependent on men hide. 


Derrango then came through with the facts... 

Which left few people shook...

But he was quick to remind everyone that he is more than just a Kwaito artist.

It is also incredibly surprising to some considering the way he responded to being called out for his abuse by former YFM and Vuzu content producer, Thobeka “Thobi” Mthembu.  

Lvovo abuses woman
lvovo derrango

He alleged and still maintains that it was a lie and he was never in that situation... 

lvovo surprises the timeline

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