"I Owe Nothing On My Cars"

Lady Du pays off her cars

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Lady Du is one South African musician who's hard to fully figure out. When you think all there is to know about her is out there then she surprises us.

Posting an image of her cars next to her mansion she revealed that she paid off all her vehicles, 6 in total.

"Piano bought me a house and 6 cars!!!! I owe nothing on my cars."

She urges her fellow musicians to save as much as they can and to stop trying to impress people on social media.

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"Learn not to do things for social media save as much as you can to better your own life!!! The pressure will leave you with nothing."

She also adds that she hasn't touched any of her royalties. "I have not even touched my royalties  work smart not hard."

She also adds that she is protecting so many of her peers in the music industry and advises them at every chance she gets.

I protect sooo many of my peers especially the kids in the industry, I’d rather be caught in the fire for them to move smoothly!!! I advise them every chance I get. Being in the industry longer I try my best to keep the kids away from the vultures  it’s rough out here Nina

Lady Du holds 19 qualifications. She obtained most of them while working on a ship and travelling the world.

"I worked on a ship travelled the world doing beauty, studied fire fighting, teeth whitening specialist, and safety officer position. came back worked at my dad’s shop, then worked with trucks (logistics), then worked organising events for a foundation. All that money I invested back into my music," she said.

Lady Du has revealed countless times that she's very calculated in how she moves.

"I want you to know something about me, I’m not a musician I’m a businesswoman that understands what she wants, I don’t move fast, I move when it’s needed. Like chess, the queen waits to make the right move she doesn’t move the same direction as everyone," shared Lady Du.

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