Lady Du Caught In A Crossfire

Her recent tweet has angered scores of tweeps as they are calling her to order

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Amapiano sensation Lady Du has tweeps on the edge of their seats following her recent tweet that threatens violence on woman. In an attempt to advocate for 'broke and or unemployed' men, Lady Du finds herself in hot soup as tweeps are calling her a 'pick me' person.

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Unknowingly, Lady Du finds herself having to answer to outraged tweets for her tweet, where she is advocating for men. In the tweet, Lady Du has threatens violence and called out girls who calls men broke as a problem in the society. 

Lady Du continues to mention that the next she hears any woman calling any man broke, she will resort to violence with the said girl and or woman. Her gesture and using her voice to advocate for men did not quite resonate with scores of people, especial women who thinks Lady Du is trying too hard to be relevant.

"Ngize ngizwe a girl call a man broke again ngizok faka impama!!! The reason we have soooo much of a distraction is because of how the world is set up now, date your rich men in peace, let them buy you whatever you want but don’t degrade other men because of that STOP THAT SHIT!" wrote Lady Du
Outraged tweeps have found Lady Du's tweet to be harsh as it threatens not only violence but also perpetuates violence onto women. Certainly, tweeps were not thrilled by Lady Du's tweeps as they have immediately told her what time it is under her comment sections.

"Mind your the business that pays you mam" wrote Kedumetse Modise
"Sekusele kancani usidine wena" wrote Sbuddah Mlangeni
"Uyaphapha njalo wena" wrote Lucia
"Stop that Shit word of the day" wrote Mahlatse Wa Molobedu
"Ngeke sizwe ngawe Wena" wrote Lee
Meanwhile a scores of men have totally agreed with Lady Du and her tweets. Tweets even went as far as following her, while claiming that she is talking facts.

"Siyabonga. Amen sisi. Men are going through a lot, can we not put any more pressure on them while they are trying bandla. Life is hard and full of challenges" wrote Mrs Khathi
"Thank you Ma'am. Amakhanda abo agcwele ama handouts and they cannot even grasp the reality yokuba 70% of the youth is unemployed, 45 % of the country. Yiko badla amakaka e Dubai" wrote Armado Carillo Fuentes
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