Lasizwe Dambuza & Mohale Motaung's Kiss Causes A Frenzy

By the look of things, it is official that the pair are a couple

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After much speculations that suggested that media personalities Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung might be dating. The pair takes to social media to make things very much official when they sealed a kiss for the whole world to see.

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It is safe to say that Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung are indeed an item now officially. This comes after the pair took to Instagram live to make things very much obvious that they are indeed dating. However, social media is abuzz following the kiss that the pair shared while live on Instagram.

While some people are certainly jumping for joy for both Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung. At the same breath, others feel as though their relationship is not genuine and even called it a publicity stunt. Whether or not they are being sincere or not, but the kiss they shared got the social media streets talking and there are mixed emotions around it already.
Lasizwe Dambuza - IG Live

Tweeps are not buying to what both Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung are currently selling. While some tweeps are really angered by their overnight relationship, they did not mince their words as they called out both Lasizwe and Mohale as attention seekers and clout chasers who are itching to stay trending.

Taking to Twitter, tweeps have shared their takes and opinions around this new relationships. Evidently, the sincerity around the both Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung is still questionable at the moment. And it appears it is still going to take a lot of convincing for people to believe that the pair is actually dating.

"Publicity stunt, we know Lasizwe had a fallout with Somizi now they are trying to spite him......and also i think this is another way of keeping mohale trending for his tell all show cos he hasn't been trending that much lately...and Somizi's show just ended soo yeah !!" wrote Thulani Mathebula
"Yall don't get it, Mohale wouldn't date LaSizwe, firstly they're both bottom (I'm assuming based o their behaviors) and secondly Mohale wants real money, LaSizwe does have money but it's not enough for Mohale shem" wrote Sphoza
"Nothing good of you wena lasizwe. Ulisela, uyeba, ungcolile....your riches are of good hearts who were trying to donate thinking it's for a good course" wrote 8Ball RSA
"Clout chasing. We know Lasizwe would do many things for views and attention. We love him but we know he is laughing at all of the fuss. He asked Mohale to kiss him for attention. Its just too obvirus" wrote Gilded
Social media is eating both Lasizwe Dambuza and Mohale Motaung alive on Twitter and the wrath is real.

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