Five songs that make us miss Lebo Mathosa

Before there was care free anything there was Lebo Mathosa. The one-quarter of Boom Shaka took the spunk and 'don't-give-a-damn' attitude that was left as a legacy by her predecessor Brenda Fassie and gave it the world. 

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Lebo Mathosa

Not only did she do that though, she also became the voice of the new school and together with the rest of Boom Shaka made kwaito the anthem of the post-liberation generation. 

That's why we're highlighting the songs which she added her spice and amazing vocals on that, in turn, became the anthems of our youth. 

1. Trompies Ft. Lebo Mathosa - Magasman

This song had so many quotables but people would sing along unitedly when Lebo said 'we Magasman uyajoroza'. All the time. Not forgetting the video which always had a then conservative SA gawking. 

2. Boom Shaka - Gcwala

A love letter in the form of a song, this song always stood out because of Lebo's verse where she states that 'uyam'cwala owakhe' regardless of what features they may have. As expected, this was a hit mainly for the lovers.

3. Lebo Mathosa - Hey DJ

When she started breaking away from the group, that's when we started seeing and hearing what she was truly about. This was one of the many songs that proved that she had the range.

4. Lebo Mathosa - I love Music 

DJ Christos and Lebo Mathosa proved to be a force to be reckoned with. One doesn't need to look for proof beyond this classic song from her debut album. 

5. Lebo Mathosa - Brand New Day

Put her in whatever space or song and Lebo would always excel. This could've easily been confused with an import from a foreign country, but nope. It's all home grown and simply Lebo Mathosa. 

Which songs do you remember from this vocal powerhouse? Share them with us. 

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