Amidst Her Ex Being Hospitalized, Lerato Mvelase Is Thriving In Class

The actress passed all her module for the year

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Exactly eleven months ago when she enrolled with Regency Business School to further her studies towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. Actress Lerato Mvelase is the happiest woman alive following passing all her modules for the year.

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Although it took her exactly ten (10) years to complete her Communications Degree while everyone she started with finished on record tie. Lerato Mvelase never gave up as she knew her purpose in life. In February she decided to head back to school to complete her studies towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

Mvelase is above the moon now that she successfully passed all her modules for the year. Taking to Instagram, Mvelase could not believe herself and her success while juggling between family, school and work. However, her determination, dedication and resilience saw her conquering it all at once. 

"I passed! What a way to end my year🥹🥹Lerato Mvelase you’ve done so well woman and today I celebrate your decisions, your tenacity and consistency. Understanding that life will never be easy and only commitment to yourself will bring the results you want. I made a decision to study this year, amidst my work and being a single mum" wrote Lerato Mvelase

The former Home Affairs actress explains how some days were not the same and at times it was not easy it at all. Being a single mother, taking care of her family and working a number of jobs on television. Her vision was clear when she enrolled at Regency Business School and that was to complete within the record time unlike how she does with her Communications Degree.

There were nights I cried thinking why does life have to be so hard, I had many moments of wanting to give up, I lost friends, but I pushed on because I knew I needed to go to a different level of my life. My vision was clear to me and I had to pursue it and today I celebrate myself and all those who made decisions that are bringing the greatest rewards🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾✊🏾✊🏾" added Lerato Mvelase

After acing her marks this year, Mvelase has even more goals to achieve as she has her eyes of the bigger prize. The actress is on a journey to complete her MBA studies now and this much dedication, all is possible.

"You can never short change life and destiny 🥂 my studies truly challenged me and opened a whole new world for me🎉I think a corner office would suit me🥰 thank you so much🙏🏾@regenesysbusinessschool #awakeningpotential Next STOP MBA #student #motherhood #study" ended Lerato Mvelase

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