Lerato Mvelase Celebrates A Huge Milestone

"What more can a woman ask for"

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The Station star and TV presenter Lerato Mvelase is celebrating another big milestone. The actress poured her heart out on Instagram looking back at her career.

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Lerato is celebrating 28 years in the entertainment industry. She revealed that she debuted her professional acting career in Theatre back in 1995.

She said she was "galvanised" into a space that made her realise that anything is possible for a black child.

She added, "The lights, the set, actors, the script, white people 😂🤣 I had never met them so closely until then and directors, real-life professional directors. I got paid with a brown envelope every Friday💃🏾💃🏾, I got paid to do what I love, I knew then that GOD lived in me🙏🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾."

Lerato also shared that she is currently working on a theatre project and her fans can expect to see it soon on stage at the Market  Theatre.

She said she has built friendships and worked with amazing talent over the years and she is grateful.

"What a way to celebrate my 28 in the business🥂🥂 what more can a woman ask for and we all know that James Ngcobo is one of the best producers, actors, and directors. I’m overflowing💕 will keep you posted," she concluded.

Lerato recently announced that she has decided to further her studies. She is currently studying towards her Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management. She revealed that it previously took her a decade to finish her 4 years Communication Studies Degree.

She said it was difficult for her at that time because she was raising her two kids, breastfeeding the other while also working.

"It wasn’t easy, felt like dropping out a lot of times but those little faces needed someone to look up to, needed inspiration and I had to make sure that I’m that inspiration, I had to make sure I help them see the possibility of achieving in a world that says they can’t, she said.

The TV star also shared that she has big plans for 2022. She said her studies have been keeping her very busy. She added, "Found me a lover❤️ consistency and reward is what we both live by🥰🥰Sorry if I don’t pick up your calls anymore, our relationship is very demanding but I like it like that."

Meanwhile, Lerato has previously opened up about motherhood. The actress said being a mother is hard but moms somehow always manage to defeat all the hardships.

She encouraged other moms to truly embrace the meaning of being a mum in its entirety and celebrate. She continued, "Let your kids be the reason you wake up and try again, let their existence put a smile on your face for they love you unconditionally.

"It’s not about being perfect but being able to put your kids first, their needs before yours. Giving your time, hugs and kisses, your love and support even when you need them yourself. Take time to truly embrace yourself over a glass of wine or bubbles of course and trust that you have done well with your kids".

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