Lerato Sengadi: How Hip Hop Pantsula proposed to her

Lerato Sengadi shares one of the most beautiful moments in her life.

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Lerato Sengadi: How Hip Hop Pantsula proposed to her

Former Big Brother contestant, publicist and HHP's fiance' Lerato Sengadi shares how Jabba proposed to her whilst on a vacation in Europe.

During an interview on Lerato Tshabalala's show on Touch Central, Lerato Sengadi who has been dating HHP for six years revealed that they never really hid their relationship but rather kept it under wraps as it was no one's business to know in the first place.

"It was just a general consensus that you know..it's really no one's business more than anything. We just knew that it was no one's business and by the time everyone knew, we had been together for six years. It's just about what you choose to share and we just chose not to tell people." She said.

In March, rumours started surfacing that Lerato and HHP were engaged, the couple decided to remain mum about the engagement rumours but as time went the couple confirmed their engagement. 

In the interview, Lerato Sengadi went on to describe how Jabba proposed to her.

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"On the first of November we left and went to Amsterdam on a little vacation. Three days into the holiday we were supposed to go to Paris and he was like insisting we go to Paris, but I was like 'no I don't want to go to Paris because it's cloudy and I'm not going to get the iconic Eiffel Tower picture.'

Lerato Sengadi: How Hip Hop Pantsula proposed to her

But he was just insisting and it actually became a little fight but I was like no we're not going. However on our second last night, we go out and he looks unwell, he's breaking into a sweat and I'm like 'Are you ok?' but I was chilled because we had travel insurance. 

So we walk down a small aisle in Amsterdam and came across this cocktail bar that was empty but had like the most incredible music. And we went in there, we were chilling, I was ordering mojito's and taking selfies and he just looked like he was about to puke on his shoes.

So I'm busy taking pictures and when I turn, he's on his knees and I'm thinking what's wrong? To me it didn't even click, I'm thinking that maybe he's really ill now. 

Then he's like ...'Well do you want to do this life thing together with me, like you know, I was supposed to do it in Paris but you didn't want to go with me'.

Lerato went on to explain that immediately after she said yes, Beyonce's single ladies came on.

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