The Biggest Lesson Thickleeyonce Has Learned

This as she continuously gets fat shamed

By  | Mar 15, 2021, 10:37 AM  | Lesego "ThickLeeyonce" Legobane  | Top of The

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As influencer Thickleeyonce turns 28, she is learning to mize the negativity which surrounds her body weight, and focus on doing what she loves. The YouTuber took to Instagram to offer a few words of wisdom to anybody going through what she has gone through, saying 'Life is too short."

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Chucking the middle finger at all her haters, she posed in a Rich Mnisi, white and nude bikini, flaunting her body which leaves the trolls with heart palpitations. The Fenty model spent her birthday weekend at the Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa and the pictures look stunning.

She encouraged her followers to pursue all which makes them happy regardless of people's unwelcome opinion about their bodies, "At 28, the biggest life lesson I’ve learned is that you’ve got to live your life to suit you and only you. Do whatever makes you happy, cos in the end, they’ll judge you anyway! Life is too short to please other people. PS: thank you soooo much for all the beautiful birthday wishes!!"

The Youtuber turned 28 yesterday and she looks amazing as ever, "Hello 28! how blessed am I to welcome a new year with elephants which are revered as a symbol of good luck & prosperity ?! Happy Birthday to me."

Recently she and musician Simphiwe Dana got dragged for shaming skinny women after Thickleeyonce got shamed for wanting to eat whatever she wants.

On Twitter she slammed people who policed her diet as she said she craved a Pizza in the early hours of the morning.  She felt as though it was a bit unfair for people to criticize her for wanting to eat whatever she wants, whereas a skinnier woman would want to eat the exact same thing but get given the free pass.

A woman came at her sideways by saying, "Baby girl, how about gym? I mean come on. Too early for junk. We are thick and all also but should at least try and promote healthy lifestyles. Not to get skinny but to be healthier!"

 The YouTuber wasn't having any of this and clapped back, "I see skinny people tweeting about eating KFC for breakfast, no one will say anything about their health, but let me talk about craving chocolate at 8am, then everyone is a doctor who’s worried about my health. Please. Gtfoh.

"You don’t care about fat people’s well-being, you just want to police our bodies and mask your fatphobia as “concern” for our health. Just stop," she said.

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