Linda Sokhulu on her role in Ubizo - The calling

Linda Sokhulu let's us in on her experiences playing Nomathemba on drama series - Ubizo

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Linda Sokhulu

Isidingo and former Ubizo - The Calling actress, Linda Sokhulu thinks back about the days she used to play the role of Nomathemba on the hit series.

Although Ubizo no longer plays on television, but you can still catch it on ShowMax for a 14-day-trial subscription, people still reminisce about how much of a great production the show was, regardless of how horrifying it was at times.

ZAlebs caught up with its  main actress, Linda Sokhulu to hear more about her experience on the show.

We asked Linda about the reason behind Ubizo's discontinuation for a second season, she honestly replied by saying that she has no idea why the producers of the show stopped making it.

"To be honest with you, that's definitely something I can't answer to because it was a contract between the producers and the SABC and somewhere between the two something must've happened but unfortunately it was the first and the last of the series." 

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Although we were only given one season of the show, Linda mentioned that it was also a very interesting experience to be part of such a production.

"Well, I thought it was lovely to have explored something that hasn't been explored in a long time because I think the last time we came close to interrogating African cultural practices was back in the time when we were watching uShaka Zulu and I was still a kid then. Now that was the last time I saw something to do with ritual practices.

So I thought it was very commendable for the producers to re-visit something that is a norm for many South African's but is a topic that was never really spoken about."


You would think that Linda spent most of her time researching about sangoma's and other African ritual practices but she told ZAlebs that most of her research was focused more on Nomathemba's career as a scientist.

"Interestingly enough I had to spend more time working on Nomathemba's role as a scientist because that was something I had a far less understanding of. I'm a black woman who grew up in a township with sangoma's everywhere, I've got relatives  who went through the twasa process so that part of the story is not foreign knowledge to me." Said Linda

The actress went on to mention that her family was very supportive of her role on Ubizo.

In terms of the scariness of the show, Linda also mentioned that whilst doing Ubizo there was nothing really scary about the process as she witnessed everything that was going on, on the set, from the fake blood to the scary puppets that were put onto her fellow cast members head.

Catch Ubizo on ShowMax during your 14-day-trial subscription and binge on what we'd consider as one of the best drama series to come from Mzansi.

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