"All That Glitters Is Not Gold"

Meet the celebrities who are keeping it lowkey

By  | Feb 05, 2022, 02:26 PM  | Loyiso Bala  | Top of the

Loyiso Bala/Sindi Dlathu
Life in the spotlight can at times be very overwhelming. And while most of our celebrities have no problem letting us in on the nitty gritties of their lives, others prefer to stay lowkey and sometimes, completely under the radar. 

It is for these reasons that we have decided to put together a list of celebs here in Mzansi that prefer a much subtle life away from all the cameras and are still doing just fine. 

Quinton Jones

To start us off is Minnie Dlamini’s husband, who as you all know is a bigshot producer and an American footballer. Unlike his fellow industry mates, Quinton rarely shares anything about himself on his social media.In Fact his Instagram is private and his Twitter account is probably on life support at this point.

You’d think that being married to one of the most acclaimed media personalities in Mzansi would make him want to have an active social media presence but no, he still prefers to stay behind the camera and leave all the limelight for Minnie.

Mmabatho Montsho

The well acclaimed Generations actress is also yet another Zaleb who is also quite down to earth. Being a household name in the industry for quite some time and being a whole director has not swayed her off from her path of always keeping it lowkey. 

She is known for always using her platforms to speak up for the entertainment industry and be the voice of reason when it comes to advocating for the rights of those in the very competitive space. 

Just the other day, she was bold enough to slam President Cyril Ramaphosa for not mentioning the entertainment industry in  his State Of The Nation Address. Keep doing what you do queen!

Terry Pheto

Terry Pheto is one of those actresses that has wowed Mzansi time and time again with her dope acting skills. She is best known for her award winning film Tsotsi as well as her international recognition for her craft. 

It is so humbling to see how well she has managed to keep herself out of too many scandals and drama as compared to her industry mates. She is always showing up for her friends and we most definitely love to see it. 

She is one ball of calm energy and her fans are excited to see the woman that she morphing into. Well done!

Sindi Dlathu

The Muvhango actress is one such Zaleb who has also managed to keep her life super private. Even after exiting the telenovela to join The River’s cast, it is still quite hard to trace what she is up to, which is actually quite a good thing. 

One thing we do know for a fact is that she has been very successful in her career and we cannot wait to see what or where life will be taking her. Until then we wish her all the very best.

Pearl Modiadie

Next up on the list is the former Zaziwa presenter who has been doing a good job in leading a drama free life. It might be shocking considering that she is quite active on Instagram, but what people don’t know is that Pearl only shares what she needs to let the world in on.

For example, ever since she became a mom, our timelines have been blessed with every cute video, photo and moment shared with baby Lewatle and we just love to see it. Other than that she only shares about her career moves and nothing more. 

She has had a few scandals here and there especially the one she had with her former employer but sis has kept it lowkey for the longest time possible.

Loyiso Bala

The award winning singer and broadcaster is loved and known to be one of the most humble celebrities in Mzansi. He is also quite seasoned in the entertainment industry, and it is a joy to see that he has not let fame take over his life. 

Loyiso is a proud father and husband and we cannot help but gush over how well he is always loving and looking out for his beautiful family. It is not everyday that you will hear Loyiso being dragged in just about any scandal and that is proof enough of how well he has managed to lead a normal and quiet life. 

Indeed these celebrities just go to show that just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean you always have to be so loud and outspoken. They have all managed to lead a quiet and drama free life and it is working out well for them. 

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