Baby Lewatle Is Showing Pearl Modiadie Flames

Things have not been as easy as they look

By  | Feb 01, 2022, 06:41 AM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Relationships

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It was not that long ago when media personality Pearl Modiaidie took to her social media to break the great news that she was expectant with her son baby Lewatle. And even though by the time Lewatle was being born she and her baby daddy had separated, it was a beautiful  sight to see what a great mother Pearl was becoming.

Now if you already follow Pearl on her social media pages, you already know how passionate she is about posting cute moments with her even cuter son. Just the other day she posted a good morning video from her and baby Lewatle and the two were all sorts of adorable. 

For some, this might only mean that Pearl is having the best time of her life right? Well, while that is true, there is no denying that being a mother comes with its own fair share of challenges and it seems Pearl is only beginning to feel the heat.

Just recently, the former Zaziwa presenter took to her Twitter to share about how hard it has been over the past few days raising baby Lewatle. In her tweet she talks about how she is now raising a son who keeps screaming his lungs off and saying NO everytime she scolds him. Not only that, but she has also admitted that she needs a vacation because she needs to take a break.

Taking to her comment section, it seems most of her fans relate to exactly what she is going through and have encouraged her to hang in there. Others have simply laughed it off saying that she should learn how to deal with it as they themselves have in the past. Clearly, raising a child is no walk in the park.

Yet another celebrity who recently spoke about her motherhood journey is K Naomi who just recently gave birth. The media personality recently took to her Instagram stories to talk about her experience with motherhood. Speaking as a first time mother, she said that it has been one of the hardest journeys of her life. 

She further said that she had had multiple difficult days, some so rough that she cried both with her daughter and alone. She is of the opinion that mothers should be allowed to have at least one uplifting moment a week, because otherwise, they would quickly get overwhelmed. Despite the rainy days though, Naomi still believes that being a mother is the best gift she could have ever asked for.

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