LootLove Pays Homage To Late Brother On His Birthday

He would have turned 20 today

By  | Dec 21, 2020, 06:23 PM  | Luthando "LootLove" Shosha  | Top of The

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TV presenter LootLove is celebrating her late brother's birthday today. About a month ago, LootLove had announced that she has lost her younger brother Lukhanyo.

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The presenter and radio DJ has been trying to deal with the loss of her brother and for a very long time she has been allowing herself to grieve. His birthday served as a reminder of how life can be very fragile and short, so one should always be grateful.

"If we could all just remember how fragile life is and how fragile we are. If we could all learn to be grateful, always. If we could all remember that He is God.  If we could all live with intention and truth," she wrote.

Posting his picture he wrote, "Happy 20th Birthday Luke."
Despite the major loss she suffered, Loot is determined to close this year off with a positive attitude. She will not allow it to win as she has managed to dust herself off and hold her head up high.

"One thing about me: This year won’t knock me, I’m going to live my best! This zap sign though is for all y’all moving weird. Otherwise," she declared.

In a very deep social media post she dragged 2020 for showing her flames which also saw the end of her relationship with Reason, a rapper and the father of her children, "The worst year of my life started off with a break-up," she started off her post.

Announcing the death of her younger brother, Loot wrote, "...now I lose you. Kanti uThixo undifuna Ntoni? Uthi mandithini? Ndingotheni mna? (What is it that God wants? What must I do?)  How am I going to raise these girls when my heart has been turned to stone? What must I do now? What kind of God is this that makes me feel this much pain and sorrow? And now I’m meant to do what? continue with life and see joy when I’m walking with a gaping hole and void I can never fill? What is the point? Oh, also in all this “Have faith” they say, “God will never forsake you”... he has. He has. He took my whole life... he took my joy... he took everything that made sense...Please stop telling me to be strong or telling me about God." she wrote on Instagram

"Into the next lifetime and every single one that follows after that. My soul will always search for you, find you and ride with you. I can’t wait till we meet again, and please next time... let’s make a deal: Promise not to leave before me. #ForeverFrequency"

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Picture credit: Twitter/ @LootLove
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