MacG Calls Cassper Nyovest 'Fake'

He is still feeling some type of way for Nyovest not coming to his podcast

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Podcast and Chill host MacG once again takes a swipe at rapper Cassper Nyovest as he calls he outside of his name. On the recent Podcast and Chill episode, MacG says he cannot stand Caspper Nyovest because of his fakeness.

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Clearly, the Podcast and Chill crew have not made peace with the fact that Cassper Nyovest refusing to be a guest on the show. Even though Cassper Nyovest once mentioned that if he lost his fight to Naak Muziq, he will join MacG and his team for a podcast session, however he never honored his words.

"I said it in the brunch that he reminds of everything I hate about the industry. For example, how can you say 'yeah if I lose this fight I'll come on the podcast'. You lose the fight and then you don't come on the podcast" said MacG

On the recent episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG, the infuriated MacG calls Cassper Nyovest out of his name. MacG mentions that Cassper Nyovest is fake and he hates everything that he stands for in the industry. Although he enjoy his music and celebrates his successes but he goes to insinuate that Cassper Nyovest is a liar and he is fake.

"Let me clear the air with the Cassper thing, let me being honest for once and we gonna be done with this. I have nothing against Casper, love his music, love his career, what he has done is aspiring, shout out to him. The issue I have is the fakeness in the industry and he is part of it" said MacG

MacG has been very adamant that contrary to what has been said about him being 'jealous' and hating on Cassper Nyovest. He clarifies that there is no bad blood between the two of them but the fakeness that Cassper Nyovest stands for, i what he cannot tolerate.

"MacG unapologetically swipes at Cassper Nyovest on #PodcastAndChill  "I don't hate the guy, I'm against fakeness" The controversial podcaster went on to give clarity on Billiato ownership, Mufasa doesn't it?" wrote This Is Colbert
After there has been some allegations in the past that suggests that  Cassper Nyovest does not own the alcohol brand 'Balliato. MacG also add salt into the wound that Mufasa is lying about owning his alcohol brand. Although he did not say who owns it, however he has relayed that Balliato is not entirely Cassper Nyovest's very own alcohol brand.

And then you're going around saying you own this alcohol brand and you don't. That is what I am against, I am against fakeness. That's it, I don't hate the guy but I will call sh&t when I see sh*t!" said MacG

Musafa have not dignified any of MacG's jabs with a response.

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