Sorry Madi, Nice Guys Finish Last

Twitter sympathises with Madi

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On Monday night's episode of #TheQueenMzansi, Mmabatho decided to give Shaka a second chance but... where did that leave Madimetja?

They say that nice guys finish last and while that's not always true, the cliche exists for a reason. Nice guys, unfortunately, have a tendency of being taken advantage of and in the world of love and romance this can lead to emotional pain or even downright heartbreak. Just ask Madimetja from Mzansi Magic's The Queen.

Friday's episode left viewers hanging from a cliff after Shaka successfully delivered his and Mmabatho's child, before his almost-estranged wife passed out completely. We were worried for her health until the opening scenes of Monday's episode when doctors revealed she would be okay.

Bare in mind, just before all of this had happened, Mmabatho was pleading with Shaka to finally sign the parental agreement that would allow her to divorce him and move on with Madimetja.

A lot can happen in a weekend, however (Especially in Mzansi where people beef on Twitter, celebs get hacked and Rachel Kolisi gets roasted) and by Monday the mood had changed completely. After Shaka admitted that he was ready to finally action the divorce, Mmabatho told him he didn't have to. She was willing to give their marriage a second chance.

Maybe it was the emotional/hormonal roller coaster that is childbirth; or maybe it was Shaka's sincerity as he finally took accountability for his cheating ways, but the events of the past two episodes brought them closer and reminded Mmabatho why she married him in the first place.

Which is wonderful but... what about our nice guy Madimetja?

In literature we learnt of a storytelling device called Dramatic Irony - in simple language, it is "When the audience is more aware of what is happening than a character."

There was no scene more dramatic and ironic than that when Madimetja showed up at the hospital, flowers in hand, grinning from ear to ear, and told an excited visitor "My girlfriend just gave birth". Poor guy didn't know what was coming...

When he finally got to the labour ward, ready to congratulate Mmabatho on her birth, she broke the news to him that she and Shaka would be giving their marriage another try -- breaking Madimetja's heart in the process.

If this seems a bit familiar it is because several moons ago, Mmabatho ended her relationship (sorry, ENGAGEMENT) with Madi for Shaka. And now she was doing it again. The nice guy finished last and Mzansi Twitter just couldn't handle it.

"Madi" has been trending since Monday night and luckily for the Man of God, many tweeps are on his side:

Do you think that Mmabatho made the correct decision in choosing Shaka (who cheated repeatedly but is the father of her child) over Madimetja (who was willing to risk it all for her?) 

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