Mandla 'Mampintsha' Maphumulo Biography : Age, Marriage, Career, Awards, Assault Claims, Controversy

This is how Mampintsha is constantly on your screens.

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Mampintsha is a South African recording artist and producer from Umlazi. He is also the founder of the musical group Big Nuz.

Mampinstha has made a name for himself in the country through the Kwaito hits that he has produced over the years. 

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More often than not, Mampintsha is always in the media for the wrong reasons because of the people he is associated with. 

Here's Mampintsha's biography.

Mampintsha Age

Mampintsha was born on the 18th of July 1982. He is 37-years-old.

Mampintsha Relationship

Mampintsha is married to Babes Wodumo whose real name is Bongekile Selimane. The two didn't announce their marriage until people were surprised with a picture on Instagram of the couple showing their wedding rings.

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Their marriage was heavily criticized as it was believed that the relationship wasn't healthy and there were abuse allegations that have been circulating since 2018. Despite that, the pair proclaimed their love for one another in a very cringy video posted to social media of themselves in a hot tub.

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At some point in their lives, people thought that the couple was pregnant with their first child. Babes used the media to tease a 'special announcement'. Many thought it was a pregnancy announcement, given that Babes was pictured wearing loose clothing at the time. However, it turns out that it was for a music video. 

Mampintsha Career

Mampintsha is known for his role in Big Nuz and also when he went solo on his career in 2015 after the group split.

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Big Nuz

Big Nuz is a musical group that was formed by Mandla Maphumulo (a.k.a. Mampintsha), Mzi (a.k.a. Danger) and Sbu (a.k.a. Mashesha) in 2002. They grew up together as brothers in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal and the group was named after the licence plate prefix for all vehicles registered in Umlazi.

After forming the group they moved to Johannesburg in hopes of scoring a record deal. During the same year, they had an opportunity to perform a jingle on a television series, Backstage on e.Tv. Their performance landed them a recording contract.

They had complications with their record label as they worked with Koloi Lebone and Beatmaker recording music which never got released.

In 2004, they worked with a Kwaito giant artist at the time, Ishmael who featured them in the song Boom Boom.

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As Big Nuz continued their journey, they signed with Gallo Records in 2006 and had their debut album, Zozo where they worked with the likes of  Kid Mokoena of Why Not Entertainment. However, the album didn’t meet the expectations on the sales department, Gallo Records was criticised for poor management. 

Things weren't going as they expected in Johannesburg and they returned to Durban to work with the phenomenal DJ Tira.

They worked on their first song "Uyoysholo Wena". In 2008 they signed a contract with the Afrotainment recording label. They released their second album with the record label 2nd Round Knockout.

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Under new management, their sales were now what they were expecting after the album sold over 20,000 copies in South Africa. They had now established their fan base across the country and they were beginning to be known as the upcoming Kwaito kings. 

They started getting invited to perform at award shows and they had an opportunity to perform at the 2008 South African Music Awards where they performed during the opening ceremony. During the awards show, they also collected a song of the year award. 

After their busy year of performing and collecting awards in 2008, Big Nuz returned to the studio and recorded their third album, Undisputed where they collaborated with DJ Fisherman and DJ Tira.

The album had the smash hit, Umlilo and the song received the Song of The Year Award from the South African Music Awards and their album Undisputed was certified Platinum.

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In 2011, they released their fourth studio album, Pound for Pound. The album contained two discs and it was made out of 25 songs. They continued their success as a leading Kwaito group in the country and they managed to sell over 40,000 copies and the album was certified Platinum. 

The album had hit singles such as, Sting Ray, Ntombenhle, Serious & Emahlayeni

In 2013, they released their fifth studio album, Made in Africa. The album has song such as Hawaii, Inazo and Incwadi Yothando. They worked with the likes of  Khaya Mthethwa.

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In 2015, they released their last album as a group which was titled For the Fans. The release of the album was accompanied by bad news when it was announced that the founding member R. Mashesha died at the age of 34. 

Big Nuz didn’t hold back on the release of the album but this time around it was released with the honour of Mashesha. The album received the award for Best Kwaito album and brought the group the award for Best Duo or Group of the year. The group dedicated both awards to Mashesha

Solo Artist

After the loss of one of their member, they brought Big Nuz to an end and Mamnpitsha went on a solo career. On his career, he worked on growing his name through his record label, West Ink record label. He signed different artists in the record label that he has worked with throughout his solo career.

He signed most artists that came from KwaZulu-Natal and the biggest one was Babes Wodumo. They worked together on the hit song, Wololo in 2016 and this brought Babes' career to the top of the charts. 

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In 2019, he released one of the songs that cemented his carer as a solo musician titled, Jo'burg. The song is remembering the journey he came from and their debut days with Big Nuz.

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Mampintsha Awards

Mampintsha is an award-winning musician who worked with Big Nuz almost all his career and eventually went on a solo career. He is a firm believer of bringing up upcoming artists through his record label and is considered to be a Kwaito legend.

Here's a list of the awards he's collected over the years. 

2008 - 9th Metro FM Music Awards - Best Kwaito Album, "2nd Round Knockout" 
2008 - Channel O Music Awards - Best Kwaito Album, "2nd Round Knockout" 
2008 Channel O Awards
2009 - Song of The Year Award from the South African Music Awards
2010 - 16th South African Music Awards - Album of the Year, “Undisputed", Best Kwaito Album, "Undisputed" 
2010 - MTN Record of the Year, "Umlilo" 
2012 - Best Kwaito Album Award at the South African Music Awards
2013 - Best Kwaito Album  at the South African Music Awards
2015 - Best Kwaito Album Best Duo or Group of the Year

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Mampintsha Assault Claims

There was the circulation of the video footage of Babes Wodumo allegedly being assaulted by her boyfriend Mampintsha that was widely spread on social media. Babes Wodumo recorded the video on her live feed on Instagram.

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When approached about the matter, Mampinstha took to his Facebook and released a statement, saying 

"Everything you hear and everything you see, nothing is what it seems. Out of respect for the relationship we had and for the people who supported us, I have chosen to not discuss this matter beyond this statement."

Babes opened a case for assault and when the duo was supposed to show up at court, they never did. By the time they appeared in court, Babes had dropped the charges. 

According to the spokesperson of the NPA, Natasha Kara, the matter was withdrawn due to the parties adhering to the ADR Process, 

"The matter was finalised in that the charge against Maphumulo was withdrawn. This is because both parties adhered to the ADR [mediation] processs they committed to."

Lindo ‘Dogg DBN’ Buthelezi, Mampintsha’s manager, also confirmed his client, Mampintsha had withdrawn assault charges against Babes Wodumo too.

Mampintsha Controversy

Money scandal

The Gqom musician allegedly ducked with R20,000 of Gesh Lounge and Entertainment owner Bhekani Ndlovu's money.

Mampintsha was billed to entertain his legion of fans at the Weekend Shutdown on 29 December but apparently the muso was nowhere to be found.

“Mampintsha told me he was booked for another gig here in Empangeni and didn’t mind coming to Gesh Lounge afterwards. He demanded that I pay R20 000 before the event,” he told Daily Sun.

Mampintsha was allegedly paid R10 000 upfront on 20 December and demanded the organizers to make a poster with his face on it, for promotional purposes which happened.

The organizer said “A day before the event he demanded that I pay the remaining balance, otherwise he wouldn’t come. On the same day, 28 December, I paid another R10 000.”  Ndlovu said both payments were made to Tshomza Construction, an FNB account.

But eyebrows raised on the day of the event when he received a call from a man called Phila, who claimed he was Mampintsha’s colleague. Phila said Mampintsha went MIA after performing at a gig in Stanger.
Reality show blocked

Mampintsha and his girlfriend Babes Wodumo worked on creating a reality show called Impilo that was going to document their relationship.

The docu-series titled Impilo: Mampintsha WestInk was supposed to give fans insight on Gqom's most popular couple and their relationship. The reality show was promising to bare it all and allow Mzansi into the couple's private space. The scenes from the show exposed their turbulent relationship and the trailer released by the channel, had Mzansi shook.

Many felt that with their relationship surrounded with so much abuse this is something that did not need to be aired on TV.

The statement released by Moja LOVE ensured viewers that they value transparency and telling South African stories.

A part of their statement read;

"Jub Jub as a close friend to Mampintsha and Babes wanted to offer the couple the opportunity to explain the abuse incident. Today the couple decided to go to court to stop the broadcasting of the interview."

Mampintsha and Babes later came to apologize for why the show was not going to be aired anymore. 

According to their post on Instagram, the following was their caption, 

"As you well know, the past few days have been been difficult for us, our fans, and our family members due to material posted on social media about us. We noted with great concern your comments and expressions of disappointment at us. We wish to assure you that your disapointment is of great regret to us, as we only seek to entertain you during the times of disappointment, and not the opposite. As your entertainers, and sometimes inspires, we always strive to keep you seeing us in a good light. However, as human beings, we accept with regret that we will fail you at time."

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Weight Loss

Many were shocked when they first saw Mampintsha in a body that was leaner than what they were used to. When a video of him landed on the Twitter streets, people had their versions as to why, or how he lost weight.

Mampitsha continues working on his musical journey despite the form of criticism he faces from his fans. He does not care what the public says about him as long as he's focused on doing what he loves which is producing great music.

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