Is Dintle Nyathi-Pheko Pregnant?

Not after the revelations that Reggie is also Didi's father

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Viewers are already at the edge of their seats with Dintle Nyathi-Pheko and husband, Reginald Pheko. Not after the secret has been revealed that in actual fact, Reginald is Dintle's real father.

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Rumors are also swirling around as viewers are suspecting that Dintle is baking in the oven.  Whether or not Dintle is pregnant but after all the bombs that has been dropped and Reginald already making his way to her house. All hell will broke loose.

"Dintle looks pregnant?" wrote Beatonm
"No Lord please" wrote Maame
"For jojo's sake Lord please no" wrote Maame
Indeed it is getting hot in the chicken after Salamina had a sit down with ex boyfriend and baby father, Reginald Pheko. Taken by surprised and disbelief, Reginald is now also compelled to go and break the news to his new wife and daughter, Dintle Nyathi-Pheko.

Salamina: I'm not sure if you remember, but we've met before. We were on the same sports camp, back in high school. There was a huge netball and soccer tournament.
Reginald: Okay.
Salamina: Yeah. They used to call you Ace, right? Ace! Ace!
Reginald: My Goodness. Minas? Salamina? Salimanjuju? Is it really you?
Salamina: In the flesh.
Reginald: I kind of lost the nickname when I left high school. I haven't been called Ace in ages. You were a real fire cracker on the netball court.
Salamina: And you followed me around most of the tournament.
Reginald: What was I supposed to do? You were the most beautiful girl then. And then later that night we were almost busted, what was that teacher's name again?
Salamina: I can't remember. I just remember you stole the keys to your school bus.
Reginald: What I was supposed to do? I wanted us to have some privacy. Of course.
Salamina: We had a lot of that.
Reginald: It really is a small world. What are the odds of me having my high school fling with my wife's mother? There's no end to wonder.
Salamina: Reggie? That fling is the reason why we're here. You're Didi's father
In an epic episode tonight, Reggie make his way to Dintle's house to tell her everything that Salamina thad told him.
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