[VIDEO] Watch Mbali Kubheka Reaching Stage 15 Of Lying!

Will she tell the truth this time?

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Things are about to go all the way left as Mbali Kubheka's sister Bawinile was caught red handed by Jojo Kubheka breastfeeding the child, Nkazimulo. In a dramatic episode of Scandal!, ending last night where we saw Mbali Kubheka's best secret getting exposed.

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It has been one hell of a roller-coaster ride for Mbali Kubheka portrayed by Nolwazi Ngubeni, from getting her sister pregnant by her husband while she fakes her pregnancy, until baby Nkazimulo is born.

Mbali Kubheka have a lot going on already as her sister Bawinile played by Funsidwa Ngcobo is starting to present a bit of difficulties with baby Nkazimulo. Biologically, Nkazimulo is both Bawinile and Jojo Kubheka's baby, played by Melusi Mbele.

However, things are about to take a dramatic turn as Jojo Kubheka caught Bawinile red handed while breastfeeding Nkazimulo. Knowing Mbali and her schemes and web of lies, will she be able to escape scot-free from these lies?

On tonight's episode she will be confronted by her husband Jojo Kubheka after he caught Bawinile breastfeeding Nkazimulo.

Jojo: Mbali, why would Winnie breastfeed Nkazimulo?
Mbali: She was breastfeeding the baby?
Jojo: I found her breastfeeding Nkazimulo in the cottage. Why is that?
Mbali: Uhm.. she is just helping me. My breast milk would not come. So, Winnie
is helping me out.
Jojo: So, you asked her to breastfeed out baby?
Mbali: Nkazimulo was hungry. He was crying so much. What was I supposed to do?
Jojo: Does this baby don't have a father?
Mbali: What was I supposed to come and say to you? That I can't fulfil my primary responsibility as a mother? That I can't breastfeed out baby?
Jojo: What you are saying doesn't make sense. Where did Winnie get breast milk? Beast milk, where did she get it?
Mbali: Where did she get it? There are hormonal pills that I gave her that help her secrete milk. Look how it worked out, look. Can you see the baby? He is sleeping peacefully. The baby is growing. Breast milk is the best option option for a baby.
Fans have since washed their hands clean with Mbali Kubheka's scheming and lies. In the same breath, they have applauded her for embodying the character as well as executing to the best of her ability.

"So Mbali's lies are in Stages, just like Load shading...... She's about to reach stage 15" wrote Bonginkosi Thabethe
"Ay ay umuntu obhala script sa Mbali ibhoza #etvscandal" wrote Ernex Mncube
"Jojo you not Winning this one,unless you install cameras all over the house,you'll never get the truth from Mbali" wrote Cowen
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