The woman behind the success of Our Perfect Wedding

ZAlebs speaks to the initial creator of Our Perfect Wedding.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Melody Xaba  | Top of The

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Have you ever wondered who how Mzansi Magic's most successful reality show came about? Well, you're about to find out.

Aside from church, there's nothing South Africans look forward to more than a good ol' episode of Our Perfect Wedding.

The show, which has consistently ranked high in terms of viewership, is a big topic of discussion, not only on social media, but on Monday mornings when colleagues gather at their office's water cooler.

Each episode either leaves you crying, gobsmacked or laughing your lungs out at the pure comedy that some couples' big day creates. 

But besides these couples, have you ever wondered who is behind the hit show?

ZAlebs, spoke to Melody Xaba, who we can all thank for the show even existing. 

melody xaba

Melody, who also experienced countless dramatic episodes at her own wedding, pitched the idea of the show to Mzansi Magic.

Melody recalls thinking about the drama surrounding her special day and how family members made the ceremony all about them:

“I have done a lot of shows from Jam Alley, where I started, and Club 808 which I also came up with. I got married at the age of 24 while working for some production, my wedding was filled with drama. There were uncles and aunties who were arguing, each and everyone wanted a spotlight on my wedding; it was so dramatic. I went to the honeymoon and came back. At the office I thought about everything that had happened. I told myself that this whole wedding thing needs to be a show,” she said.

Melody went on to explain how Mzansi Magic was initially doubtful about the idea:

“I wrote everything down, left it and forgot about it, because I didn’t even have a plan of where I [was] going to pitch it. Years later Mzansi Magic announced they were looking for reality shows, I told them we need to do a wedding show; I pitched that show from my head because it was based on my dramatic wedding. They asked how it would be different from Top Billing, they were doubtful of it. One lady, who was the head of local programming, understood the idea and that is how Our Perfect Wedding was born," said Melody.

Although Melody is no longer a part of the show she continues to create a lot of content for other broadcasters. She said that it always makes her proud to see how her idea went on to become one of the most successful television shows on local television.

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