Instapreneurs Back With A New Season

Your Insta gurus are back on our television screens

By  | Jan 31, 2023, 09:53 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Top of the

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February promises to be an exciting month for television lovers.
The SABC1 announces the return of a docu-reality show Instapreneurs, which starts on Thursday, 2 February 2023, at 18:00. 
Instapreneurs, hosted by Producer, TV Host, and Model Sean McCollet, aims to showcase South Africa’s most popular social media celebrities from social networks to the TV screen.  
Every episode is a day in the life of an Instapreneur as the series follows an Insta-celeb as they consult clients, take selfie faux pas, and create content that has given them a large following. Whether it’s a foodie, a chef, a model, an inventor, or a stylist, the viewers will find out what inspires them, how they rose to fame, and what keeps them fresh. 
With social media growing at warped speed, generation Y and Z have taken platforms intended for entertainment and used them to earn a living or pioneer new careers and job titles. 
Instapreneurs is a show that gives viewers a front-row seat on how to make money on posts at a time and which social media posts catapulted them into fame.
Some of the highlights of season 2 include Ryan Keys’ hanging out with Lasizwe and Mihlali, Make-Up artist Lungile Thabethe as she does Ayanda Thabethe’s make-up for an event, Pamela Mtanga socializing at Maps Maponyane’s popular spot Bun’s Out and we go behind the scenes of comedian Lesego Thlabi aka Coconut Kelz’s commercial shoot.

Zahara Backs A Reality Show

SABC1 has set to take viewers on the journey behind the success and challenges faced by award-winning afro pop singer Zahara with the broadcast of her reality show Zahara – As I Rise, starting Saturday, 4 February 2023. The show will broadcast at 19:30. 
Zahara first entered the industry with her album, Loliwe, which has generated massive success on all fronts. Many unanswered questions will arise, starting with the success of her album that launched in 2011 and the claim of unpaid funds with the link to the record label. 
This reality show follows Zahara on a journey of restoration and healing from all she has encountered. She is trying to take in everything at her own pace, but in the same breath, the answers she seeks have now opened more questions that need answering.
The series promises to offer viewers an intimate view into her life, and they will see Zahara play unique roles in different lives and revive herself and her music career. Underneath the pouting persona with a glass of alcohol every day and the stress of losing everything she owns, there is a bruised woman with no make-up, fighting to do corrections of her life, a sister, and a woman searching for joy that she has not felt for years. Zahara has always been unapologetic about who she is, and she will let the viewers in on her life on many levels.
'My journey has not been easy. I have mourned my brother's death and suffered the betrayal, pressure, and frustrations that have taken a toll on me, driving me to drink myself to death.' – Zahara. 

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